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Heart for Africa trip

Heart for Africa (Canada) and Egg Farmers of Canada invite you to take part in a special service trip this November. The trip will offer the opportunity to see the amazing impact of Project Canaan and learn about Heart for Africa’s mission of Hunger, Orphans, Poverty and Education.

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Mental health and wellness in the poultry and egg sector

Recent national research by the University of Guelph has furthered our understanding of mental health within Canada’s farming population. A new resource geared to the egg and poultry sectors provides information on mental health and wellness, and outlines where to go for support.

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The Canadian egg industry: Delivering economic value to Canadians

More than 1,200 egg farmers produce over 789 million dozen eggs annually to meet growing consumer demand. In fact, 2020 marked the industry’s fourteenth consecutive year of retail sales growth. Download this fact sheet for a snapshot of Canada’s egg farming industry.

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On-farm program requirements

All registered Canadian egg farmers take part in a comprehensive national Animal Care Program and Start Clean-Stay Clean® food safety program. Enclosed is a detailed overview of the on-farm programs and their requirements.

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National young farmer program

Egg Farmers of Canada’s national young farmer program empowers the next generation of industry leaders. Through the program, we work with egg boards to nurture young people in the industry. Our goal is to inspire and enable them to take on leadership positions in our industry and sector. Delegates share knowledge, experience and expertise, and take part in a range of networking, social and industry events.

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Canadian farmers: The foundation of our communities

Working under the system of supply management, our more than 16,000 dairy, poultry and egg family farmers produce fresh, local, high-quality food for Canadians year-round. Supply management provides stability and keeps our communities vibrant, feeding Canadians’ appetites for locally produced food for generations.

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Heart for Africa: One egg makes a big difference

One-ninth of the global population, mostly in developing parts of the world, does not get enough food to live an active, healthy life. Egg Farmers of Canada, in partnership with the International Egg Foundation, oversaw the planning and construction of Project Canaan’s layer operation in Swaziland where 63% of the population lives below the poverty line.

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Delivering freshness and quality you can trust

Canada Grade A eggs from farms that operate under supply management are among the best in the world in terms of quality, freshness and food safety. This infographic highlights some of the programs in place that help deliver egg that are the best in the world for quality, freshness, food safety and farming practices

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Supply management: Today’s system for a stronger tomorrow

Supply management upholds the interests of today’s communities and tomorrow’s Canada. By supporting Canada’s chicken, turkey, egg and hatching egg farmers you can help ensure a sustainable agriculture sector for generations to come. This fact sheet highlights the contribution of Canada’s poultry industries and farmers to communities across the country.

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Research Chair in Sustainability

Dr. Nathan Pelletier is Egg Farmers of Canada’s Research Chair in Sustainability at the University of British Columbia. This fact sheet summarizes Dr. Pelletier’s work as it relates to collecting and analysing supply chain data in order to establish a comprehensive environmental profile of the entire industry.

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