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2020 Annual Report

This past year we launched a bold, innovative plan to embrace a vision of growth that would make Canada a world leader in per capita egg consumption. The progress made in advancing this new strategic direction is detailed throughout the pages of this report.

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2019 Annual Report

We face the future with a drive to succeed and a longstanding record of accomplishment to back it up. This is an exciting time to be part of Canada’s egg farming industry.

PDF • 5.2 MB

2018 Annual Report

While there were challenging moments throughout the year, our industry has proven it is strong, adaptable and effective. I can also say that we have been, we are and we will continue to be, vocal advocates for Canada’s egg industry.

PDF • 5.1 MB

2017 Annual Report

Together we face the future with confidence. There are endless possibilities for improvement and growth, for the benefit of the people all around us who want nothing more than a nutritious, affordable product and to know the people who produce it.

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2016 Annual Report

It is important to remember, as we look back on a challenging year, how much has been accomplished and how far we have come. Yes, there were bumps on the road in 2016. But despite it being a demanding and somber year, Canada’s egg industry is strong.

PDF • 8.1 MB

2015 Annual Report

If you love eggs and egg farming and want to continue the proud tradition we have in Canada as I do, then surely you also felt anxiety about our future last year. Not surprisingly, the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations brought out critics, who were more inflammatory than ever.

PDF • 3.0 MB

2014 Annual Report

Thanks to the leadership and expertise of the Egg Farmers of Canada’s Board of Directors and the talented staff that work diligently on behalf of the industry, 2014 was another dynamic year for us. Table egg sales increased 2.7%, marking the eighth consecutive year of growth.

PDF • 2.5 MB

2013 Annual Report

It was a privilege and an honour to serve as Chairman of Egg Farmers of Canada’s Board of Directors in 2013 representing the entire Canadian egg farming industry. I think my fellow directors would agree 2013 was as demanding as it was rewarding.

PDF • 2.6 MB

2012 Annual Report

It was my very special privilege to serve as your Chairman during our 40th anniversary of national egg supply management. Forty years is a significant milestone, an important time to step back and reflect upon our shared success.

PDF • 5.4 MB

2011 Annual Report

This being my inaugural annual report message as Chair, I would first like to express how honoured I am to have been elected to lead Egg Farmers of Canada. I consider it a great privilege to lead and I will continue to do my utmost in this capacity.

PDF • 2.3 MB