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Cracking Hunger in Eswatini with protein-rich eggs

For seven years, Egg Farmers of Canada and Heart for Africa have been bringing hope to an orphanage and community in Eswatini through Project Canaan’s egg farm.

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Sustainable egg farming

Egg farmers are passionate about providing fresh, local, high-quality eggs to our fellow Canadians, all while embracing progressive farming practices.

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Canada’s egg supply chain

This step-by-step guide outlines Canada’s egg supply chain. Several independent yet closely connected partners work together to deliver fresh, local, high-quality eggs and egg products to Canadians.

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Economic contribution of Canada’s egg industry

The Canadian egg industry creates jobs, supports local businesses, provides municipal, provincial and federal tax revenues, and contributes to Canada’s GDP.

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Economic contribution of Canada’s egg and poultry sectors

Canada’s 4,794 chicken, turkey, egg and hatching egg farmers, and 413 processors and egg graders make a sizable contribution to the Canadian economy.

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Celebrating five years of partnership with Heart for Africa (Canada)

Curious about the progress we’ve made during our five years of partnership in #CrackingHunger? Download our infographic to learn how the humble egg is making a difference in Eswatini.

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A dozen reasons why Canadians want eggs from Canadian farmers

A dozen reasons why Canadians want eggs from Canadian farmers. Canadian eggs come from more than 1,000 family farms across the country, including new farmers as well as those who are following family traditions of up to ten generations.

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Serving up the facts about the diet of a hen

Whether you take them boiled, poached or over-easy, eggs are a snap to cook. But making sure they are always nutritious? That takes work. That’s why egg farmers work with nutrition specialists to ensure hens receive a balanced diet consisting of grains, protein, fats, vitamins and minerals. Here’s a look at what farmers feed their hens:

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Canadians love eggs because they trust them. They are safe and healthy, and produced according to the highest possible standards. That is our commitment to Canadians. How do we do it? A lot of the credit goes to our Start Clean-Stay Clean™ program. Here’s how it works:

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Here’s how egg farmers care for their hens

How do egg farmers ensure the welfare of their hens? Through a comprehensive and rigorous national Animal Care Program.

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