A dozen reasons why Canadians want eggs from Canadian farmers

A dozen reasons why Canadians want eggs from Canadian farmers. Canadian eggs come from more than 1,000 family farms across the country, including new farmers as well as those who are following family traditions of up to ten generations.

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Serving up the facts about the diet of a hen

Whether you take them boiled, poached or over-easy, eggs are a snap to cook. But making sure they are always nutritious? That takes work. That’s why egg farmers work with nutrition specialists to ensure hens receive a balanced diet consisting of grains, protein, fats, vitamins and minerals. Here’s a look at what farmers feed their hens:

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Canadians love eggs because they trust them. They are safe and healthy, and produced according to the highest possible standards. That is our commitment to Canadians. How do we do it? A lot of the credit goes to our Start Clean-Stay Clean™ program. Here’s how it works:

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Here’s how egg farmers care for their hens

How do egg farmers ensure the welfare of their hens? Through a comprehensive and rigorous national Animal Care Program.

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Canada’s eco-friendly eggs

Canadian egg farmers are making huge strides in greening our industry. In fact, the environmental footprint of Canada’s egg production supply chain declined by almost 50% between 1962 and 2012, while egg production increased by 50%. Take a look at Canada’s eco-friendly eggs!

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What is supply management?

Find out how Canada’s unique system of supply management delivers fresh, local, high-quality eggs.

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Economic contribution of Canada’s egg industry

Egg farming is a valuable industry to many communities across the country. The Canadian egg industry creates jobs, supports local businesses, provides Municipal, Provincial and Federal tax revenues, and contributes to Canada’s GDP.

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How Canadian egg production has improved over 50 years

A landmark study conducted for Egg Farmers of Canada compared the environmental footprint of eggs produced in conventional housing systems in 1962 versus 2012, with significant results.

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A dozen reasons to be thankful for eggs

We love eggs! When it comes to nutrition and versatility, eggs are a perfect food! And, Canadian egg farmers work had to provide year-round access to high-quality eggs. This infographic shares our top reasons why we’re thankful for eggs.

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The power of eggs

With 6 grams of the highest quality protein and 14 key nutrients, eggs are an important part of a balanced diet and a natural choice for a healthy, active lifestyle. This infographic offers the nutritional benefits and information of eating eggs.

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