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Your five favourite articles from 2019

This past year, we shared the latest news and big developments in Canadian egg farming. From egg nutrition to supply management and innovation, here are our five most popular articles from 2019.

1. New partnership with Diabetes Canada to share the benefits of eating eggs

The key to diabetes management is keeping blood sugar levels in your target range—and in this, studies show that protein-rich foods like eggs can help regulate those levels and improve blood sugar control. That’s the message we’re bringing to Canadians through a new partnership with Diabetes Canada. We’re excited to partner with them to offer new resources and tips to help Canadians living with type 2 diabetes integrate eggs into their diet.

2. These five trends could define food in 2019

From African-inspired flavours to mushroom-mania, this article from early in the year looked at the shifting culinary paradigm and which food trends would come to define 2019. Did you enjoy any of these five delicious trends?

3. Registered Dietitian Sue Mah on Canada’s Food Guide—and how eggs fit in

Health Canada released the new Canada’s Food Guide on January 22, 2019—the first updated guide released in over a decade. We spoke to Sue Mah, a Registered Dietitian, about her key takeaways from the new Food Guide, including the starring role eggs are playing.

4. Supply management: fresh, local, high-quality eggs for Canadians

Click here and read everything you need to know about supply management: a made-in-Canada system that ensures your eggs are produced by Canadian farmers to world-class Canadian standards. We shared with you the tremendous role Canada’s system of supply management takes on in our agricultural sector, rural communities and Canadian economy.

5. The hen housing transition: how one family is transforming their farm

Canada’s egg farming industry is evolving. Over the next two decades, Canadian egg farms will phase out conventional housing and embrace a new future using alternative housing systems. It’s a big shift in our industry, and we wanted to tell the story through the experience of one family: David Coburn and his sons, Glen and Tyler. David is transitioning the farm to his sons at the same time as the family transitions their housing system to a new enriched colony barn. David, Glen, and Tyler sat down with us for an interview about the project and the future of their sixth generation family farm.

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