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2019: Canada’s year, with Canadian eggs

2019 has been Canada’s year. We were ranked among the top country in the world to live in for the 4th year in a row.1 The Toronto Raptors clinched the NBA championship for the first time in the team’s nearly 25-year history. And just before the new year started, a Canadian physicist named Donna Strickland won the Nobel Prize in Physics—the 3rd woman to ever win the prize, and the first Canadian woman.2 There’s so much to be proud of in this great country of ours.

This Canada Day, there’s one more Canadian success story to consider: the story of Canadian eggs. Last year marked the 12th consecutive year that egg sales have grown, and today the average Canadian enjoys 253 eggs per year. To match that unprecedented demand, more than 1,000 Canadian farm families work every day to bring their friends and neighbours delicious and nutritious eggs.

How many eggs? Egg farmers produced over 9 billion eggs in 2018 for Canadians to enjoy.

It’s hard to imagine the sheer scale of that many eggs. Well, imagine no more. Here’s just how enormous 9 billion eggs really is—one more thing to be proud of this Canada Day!

Canadian eggs go a long way

Eggs take Canada higher

Eggs, we’re falling for you

Eggs are a cross-country delight

There are so many reasons to love Canadian eggs. Every egg you buy in Canada supports Canadian families and Canadian jobs. Our whole country is stronger thanks to Canadian egg farming.

This Canada Day (and every day), I’m proud to be a Canadian egg farmer—and you can be proud every time you enjoy made-in-Canada eggs.

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