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These five trends could define food in 2019

New year, new you—and “new you” might just mean new food. If you’re looking at changing up what you eat this year, then you need to know about some of the hot food trends we’re predicting for 2019. Every year we look at the shifting culinary paradigm, and this year is no different. 2019 is going to bring some nutritious and delicious new flavours to your tastebuds—starring eggs!

Here are five food trends to watch this year:

1. Flavours inspired by Africa

African dishes are taking the world by storm this year. British newspaper Metro calls West African food “the next big thing for 2019.”1 CNBC reports North African flavours are coming to North American kitchens, with new experiences like harissa—a Tunisian hot chili pepper paste—Ehtiopian spice mix berbere and more.2 Meanwhile, Women’s Health magazine tells us to make room in our pantries for flavour-packed African seasonings like dukkah and ras el hanout.3 Eggs play a starring role in African cuisine and bring versatile uses alongside nutritional punch. Try one of our shakshuka recipes, a classic North African dish.

2. Multicultural comfort food

We all love the warm and fuzzy feelings of our favourite comfort foods. 2019 will be a creative year for those who adore the simple joy of a home-cooked meal, bringing exciting new options you’ve never considered. Facebook IQ notes that more millennials are cooking at home, and over a third of parents with young children report that their kids enjoy international cuisine.4 Multicultural comfort foods are coming in a big way this year with global treats like tiropita, a Greek egg-and-cheese dish.5 Click here and discover a multicultural selection of foods you can make at home.

3. Being socially responsible with our food choices

Canadians expect more from their restaurants and food companies in 2019. The Toronto Star put it best: “How a restaurant or food company cares for its employees, its purveyors, its customers, and its community will move up the priority list in 2019.”6 Take comfort when you enjoy Canadian eggs—Canadian egg farmers treat social responsibility like the top priority it needs to be. Farmers follow strict animal care and food safety standards, give back to their communities and are sustainability leaders. Want to learn more? Check out our Sustainability Story.

4. Mushrooms are taking over the world

Mushrooms might just be the hottest vegetable of 2019, described by Canadian Grocer as a “superfood taking root in Western culture.”7 Robert Beelman is a professor of food science at Pennsylvania State University who studies the nutritional value of mushrooms. He says that “mushrooms may be even better for health than previously known.”8

If you want to combine the nutrient-packed, perfect flavours of mushrooms and eggs, there are lots of ways to do it. Mushroom lovers will adore this frittata with fresh onion and parsley. Chef Lynn Crawford’s mushroom fried rice with crispy egg is a perfect weeknight dinner for two. And if you want an Indian brunch to die for, these Indian-style skillet eggs with mushrooms, spinach and onions are a thing of beauty.

5. Consumers want low-carb options

Low-carb diets are growing in popularity. One dietitian tracking food service industry trends says that restaurants will add more low-carb options in 2019.9 The egg is a perfect low-carb food, because it delivers a lots of nutrients in a small package—included much-needed protein. Try these farmhouse breakfast cups. They’re a great, versatile choice, equally at home as finger food for a cocktail party or part of a healthy and delicious brunch.

No matter what the year brings, we know one thing—2019 is going to be delicious, bringing even more ways to enjoy the eggs you love!

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