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Growing new bone cells with eggshell scaffolds

While eggshells might seem to be an unconventional solution to bone grafting, researchers at the University of Ottawa recognized the potential for eggshells to be used as a regenerative material to grow new bone tissue, and developed a study to further explore this possibility.

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Strengthening Canada’s rural economies

Family farms are important contributors to stable rural economies. As researchers at the Université Laval found, family farms that operate under supply management, producing eggs, chicken and dairy, are an important part of this economic contribution. In fact, their research shows supply-managed farms punch above their weight when it comes to investing in communities, creating jobs and contributing to GDP.

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Research Grant Program – Issue 1

Our Research Grant Program actively supports 30 research projects in a variety of fields at universities across Canada. Each research project is linked to one or more of Egg Farmers of Canada research priorities that help inform continuous on-farm improvements and enhancements to our policies and programs.

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Expanding egg production and consumption through education and entrepreneurial skills

The International Egg Foundation is working hand-in-hand with Ebenezer Agricultural Training Centre staff to establish a practical training course in egg production. The program aims to share the knowledge and expertise necessary to manage commercial egg operations and uses training to build an understanding of best practices in animal care and food safety.

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Increasing access to nutritious, local eggs in rural Uganda

Childhood malnutrition has a lasting effect on growth and development. According to the World Health Organization, millions of children suffer from stunting and wasting. Recent research found that adding eggs to the diets of 6 to 8 year old children in undernourished areas of Uganda significantly increased their height and weight.

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On-site testing of avian influenza in the poultry industry

Time is the most critical element when it comes to managing avian influenza outbreaks. While surveillance is key in minimizing outbreaks, no tests currently exist that allow for quick, on-site testing. In an attempt to create a simple, cost-effective system for testing, scientists at the University of the Guelph’s BioNano Laboratory developed a colorimetric system enabled by nanotechnology that can quickly detect disease-related pathogens through the naked eye.

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Efficiency and safety of using black soldier fly larvae in laying hen feed

Solutions for protein-rich, sustainable and efficient feed for hens are becoming increasingly important as the egg industry continues to grow. Researchers have found that insect larvae contains protein and fat content that could be used as an alternative in animal feed. One of the insects that can convert large amounts of vegetable waste into protein-rich larvae is the black soldier fly—a wasp-like fly native to the Americas.

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Water quality effects on laying hen performance

Today’s hens produce significantly more eggs compared to hens 50 years ago. While many factors play a role in high-quality egg production, the role water quality plays in this process is relatively unknown. As such, researchers at Dalhousie University sought to study the effect that water quality has on laying hen performance today, taking into account the diversity of water found across Canada.

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Are individuals rational? Comparing economic theory to behavioural realities

Economic theory can help us understand how people behave in the marketplace when it comes to risk. Furthering our understanding of these behavioural realities can help decision makers—from politicians to economists to egg farmers—as they develop strong economic policies.

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High protein breakfasts can help kids maintain a healthy weight

Currently one in three children aged 2–19 years is overweight in the United States and Canada. How can we ensure that children today can have a healthy future? Past studies have indicated that foods that are high in protein, such as eggs, have the potential to positively affect children’s health.

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