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Canadian chefs share their secret ingredient

Many meals come to fruition and taste so great thanks to one common ingredient: Canadian eggs. But don’t just take our word for it! Read on to discover how we’re partnering with leading Canadian chefs, and discover how Canadian eggs inspire and bring life to some of their most mouth-watering recipes.

Canadian eggs are guaranteed to be fresh, locally sourced and meet world-class standards thanks to a system called supply management, which is why our chefs love Canadian eggs. Not only that, cooking and baking with locally sourced eggs contributes to supporting one’s local economy and overall community.

For Egg Farmers of Canada ambassador Chef Josh Gale, in B.C., it’s important to be a leader of good habits and positive change, which is why he sources ingredients locally and sustainably for his kitchen. 

“As a leader in the culinary industry, it’s my job to help pave the way for future generations. Part of that is creating a sustainable food system rooted in continuous improvement, innovation, thoughtful food sourcing and environmentally conscious business practices,” Gale said. “As a chef, I’m proud to support Canada’s food industry and help strengthen the relationship between farmers and the culinary community. Local farms not only provide me with fresh ingredients, (but) they also support my local food economy, contribute to the social fabric of my community and help me deliver the kind of food that my customers want.”


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Celebrated chefs Lynn Crawford, Craig Flinn, Dale MacKay and Matt Basile also serve as Egg Farmers of Canada chef ambassadors, and like Chef Josh Gale, are passionate about supporting locally sourced, sustainable ingredients like eggs.

About Egg Farmers of Canada’s chef ambassador program

Chef ambassadors have partnered with Egg Farmers of Canada since 2016, with the goal of introducing Canada’s culinary community to the people who produce their eggs year-round.

The partnership is a successful one, with 93% of Canadians agreeing with our chefs in their preferences to source food locally. It also creates mutually beneficial relationships, produces great tasting food, and ensures happy customers; supporting farmers boosts local economies; benefiting everyone.

“It’s our responsibility to showcase food items produced in our own communities through our menu curation, the suppliers we foster relationships with and the delicious culinary creations we produce. I’m always looking for ways to support local food producers, farmers, and businesses to help bolster Canada’s vibrant food industry,” said Gale.

Canada’s system of supply management allows chefs to shop, cook and bake to their heart’s content knowing that their ingredients – specifically, Canadian eggs – are locally sourced, while also meeting top-notch food safety standards. Our chef ambassadors mainly work to inspire Canadians and the greater culinary community to get creative in the kitchen and try their hand at new recipes that either celebrate special occasions or are great to simply enjoy every day. These chef ambassadors also do their part to inform Canadians on how egg farmers coast to coast work hard every day to provide access to fresh, local, high-quality eggs no matter the time of year.

The Jennings family have been egg farming for generations on their farm in Cobequid Bay, Nova Scotia. From left to right: Glen and Blake

Thanks to more than 1,200 hard-working Canadian egg farmers and the system of supply management, Canadians have year-round access to fresh, high-quality, locally sourced eggs produced throughout all ten provinces and in the Northwest Territories.

“Building a sustainable food industry requires continued support and commitment from farmers, chefs, restaurateurs and everyone in between. As a chef, I’ve found a new appreciation for the work Canadian farmers do, not just to supply delicious food but also to help innovate and create a sustainable industry more broadly,” said Gale.

Our partnership with chef ambassadors links chefs, food influencers and tastemakers to enable collaboration, inspire new ways to enjoy eggs and share the story of egg farming in Canada. The chef ambassador program has built strong connections with chefs and food influencers, up and coming chefs, food media bloggers and more. It has also connected chefs and egg farmers, shared knowledge on the versatility of eggs, the benefits of supply management, debunked egg myths, and celebrated eggs as a master chef ingredient.