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Chefs and farmers sharing their passion… for eggs!

We’ve built something special here in Canada. Thanks to supply management, Canadians have a constant supply of fresh eggs produced by Canadian farmers, your friends and neighbours, right in the province where you live. And those eggs are of the highest quality. They are a staple in kitchens and restaurants, forming the core of fantastic meals you love—brought to you by world-class Canadian chefs.

Talented chefs and their delicious dishes are one of many reasons why Canadians love eggs. We wanted to deepen the connection between farmers and chefs—inspiring each other with their shared passion for eggs. So, we showed some top-notch Canadian chefs around a few egg farms.

Chef Trevor Bird is pictured with guest chefs at the Bisschop family’s egg farm in Chilliwack, BC. We call it #ChefToFarm. In Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia this autumn, chefs enjoyed a farm tour, a meet and greet with farmers and a black-box cooking experience.

For many of these chefs, it was the first time they’ve ever visited an egg farm—and they loved it! Check out their adventures:

All our visiting chefs enjoyed a tour of an egg barn—seeing up close the effort and energy it takes to produce high-quality, fresh, nutritious eggs.

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We had such a special day at Bayview Poultry Farm yesterday for the inaugural #CheftoFarm Black Box cookoff! Thank you to all our participating chefs, @blakejennings10, Glenn, and the entire Jennings family, and to all the @eggsoeufs farming families across Canada that give us the best eggs money can buy every day in grocery stores across the country. I am proud to be a part of the family! @lamojamo007 @stepho_21 @melwin_chettiar @chefbenkelly @andyseastcoastkitchen_ @curatedhalifax @lyne_robi #eggsoeufs #getcrackin #canadianeggs #eggfarmersofns

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Our farmers were paired up with chefs for a black-box cooking challenge! They created scrumptious dishes with fresh ingredients and then shared a meal.

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Working hard here at #cheftofarm making dessert!! @eggsoeufs is hosting a masterchef competition so the heat is on! Thanks @chefbenkelly and @chefcraigflinn for directing us.

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Our cooking challenge teams brought together farmers, chefs and our team at Egg Farmers of Canada, all with a shared passion—the humble egg.

The clock was ticking fast in our cooking challenge as our teams scrambled to get their dishes plated and finished.

The winner was… our tastebuds! This is just a taste of the delicious dishes our teams created.

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It was a pleasure to host #cheftofarm event with @bcegg @eggsoeufs @country_golden_yolks. We brought some great chefs from #vancouver to show them a free range and free run chicken farm. We are proud of our supply management of eggs in Canada, they are always fresh, always local. There are a lot of myths about eggs, what are some questions you have about eggs? Leave in the comments. Thanks @dennistheprescott for the tips on photography! . . . . . #cook #cooking #farm2table # #yummy #vancouver #vancitybuzz #vancityhype #vancouvereats #yvr #yvreats #f52gram #summer #restaurant #hot #pretty #food #chef #cheflife #eggs #cookoff #tasty #plating #service #canada #candian #local #chefTbird

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You can just imagine how much fun we had eating these delicious meals.

Want to see more of these amazing treats? Head to Twitter or Instagram and search #ChefToFarm… it will give you a whole new love for eggs!

Looking for your own farm tour? Check out our virtual egg farm tour with Ontario farmers Roger and Jake!