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Eggs are a key ingredient in holiday traditions

Across the country, more than 1,200 egg farming families are hard at work, providing top-quality eggs for all our favourite holiday dishes. Thanks to the system of supply management, Canadians can trust that Canadian eggs are always fresh, local and produced to world-class standards.

This holiday season, we’ve teamed up with five of Canada’s top chefs to transform Canadian eggs into crowd-pleasing cookie recipes. Many festive traditions include cooking and baking, and it’s hard to do either without eggs! Whether you’re a sugar cookie fanatic or a chocolate chip connoisseur, these recipes are perfect for preparing with family, sharing with friends, or gifting to neighbours.

Read on for more on our chef ambassadors and the cookie creations they are baking this season:

Chef Matt Basile

For Chef Matt Basile, eggs are a big part of the holidays: “The ingredients we use are an extension of our moments. Every pie, cookie or turnover is a nod back to a farmer. That glossy egg wash, that binder—all of it because Canadian egg farmers relentlessly do what they love so we can enjoy more amazing holiday moments,” Matt says.

This #SeasonToShare, check out Chef Matt Basile’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Pizza.

Chef Matt Basile’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Pizza.

Chef Craig Flinn

Chef Craig Flinn credits his mother for sharing her expertise and patience with him as a young, aspiring chef-in-the-making.

“When I was growing up, my mother would teach me little things in the kitchen. I remember her showing me how to crack the eggs for our gingerbread cookies without getting a piece of shell in the bowl. Those memories of her come flooding back each year when the scents of my own family’s Christmas kitchen fill my nose,” Craig shares.

Today, those experiences have come full circle for him. “Now, my own son sings his praises when he cracks an egg in the cookie batter without losing a piece of the shell!” says Craig.

This #SeasonToShare, try out Chef Craig Flinn’s Chocolate Candy Cane Cloud Cookies—a festive twist on the classic French macaron.

Chef Craig Flinn’s Chocolate Candy Cane Cloud Cookies.

Chef Dale MacKay

At the age of eight, Chef Dale MacKay perfected this sugar cookie recipe. Decorating and devouring these treats quickly became a favourite holiday tradition in his family.

“They were the first thing I was allowed to make totally by myself,” says Dale. “I would make them a lot. So, our family grew to love them and started decorating them around the holidays. I look forward to making them and eating them still!”

This #SeasonToShare, whip up a batch of Your Favourite Sugar Cookies by Chef Dale to decorate with family or friends.

Chef Dale MacKay’s Your Favourite Sugar Cookies.

Chef Lynn Crawford

Chef Lynn Crawford reveals how her family loves to bake ginger cookies and share them with loved ones during the holiday season. “Every year the girls and I whip up an irresistible batch of ginger cookies. These warm, spiced cookies are the perfect holiday treat for sharing with friends or setting under the Christmas tree with a tall glass of milk for Santa.”

This #SeasonToShare, prepare Chef Lynn Crawford’s Ginger Cookies for a delicious treat to enjoy with a cup of coffee, tea or eggnog!

Chef Lynn Crawford’s Ginger Cookies.

Chef Josh Gale

Chef Josh Gale also draws inspiration from warm, cozy memories shared with family. “My favourite holiday tradition is sitting in the living room around the fireplace, playing music and eating all the cookies that my stepmom bakes,” Josh says, which is where his mouth-watering shortbread recipe comes from.

This #SeasonToShare, bake spirits bright with Chef Josh Gale’s Peppermint Chocolate Dipped Hazelnut Shortbread.

Chef Josh Gale’s Peppermint Chocolate Dipped Hazelnut Shortbreads.

Eggs are an essential ingredient in many cherished holiday recipes. Whether you’re enjoying time with loved ones or a batch of cookies with friends, this season is about sharing good food and good cheer. Join the celebration by sharing your egg-cellent cookie creations on social media using #SeasonToShare.

From Canada’s egg farming families across every province and the Northwest Territories, we wish you a happy and delicious holiday season!