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Peter Clarke

Before and after supply management: why the system works for everyone

As the classic phrase goes, “those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Those words come to my mind whenever I think about supply management, our made-in-Canada method of managing the production of eggs, dairy and poultry. The system is run by Canadian farmers, who follow a consistent set of rules […]

What does social responsibility in egg farming mean?

Happy #WorldEggDay! (Yes, there’s a World Egg Day)

Five ordinary, extraordinary and out-of-this-world egg facts

You’ve never imagined the Egg Economy like this

Supply management is “Canadian genius”

You stood up for Fort McMurray. Thank you.

Fort McMurray needs us. Will you stand with them?

Eggs vs. hockey: An all-Canadian shootout

Cracking down on hunger, one new egg farm at a time

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