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Happy #WorldEggDay! (Yes, there’s a World Egg Day)

Egg lovers around the world rejoice—today is World Egg Day, a time to celebrate the perfect food… eggs! Eggs are truly the perfect food: perfectly nutritious and perfectly versatile, offering endless ways to make healthy meals. But World Egg Day is about more than eggs… it’s about the egg farmers who bring those eggs from their farms to your tables. We made a video celebrating the achievements of egg farmers in Canada and across the globe:

To mark World Egg Day, we want to spotlight the amazing organizations we partner with in life-changing work around the world.


Food Banks Canada

Food banks save lives: in the summer of 2016, nearly one million Canadians turned to a food bank for help. It’s why Egg Farmers of Canada is a committed partner in the mission to feed Canada. Over the last two decades, egg farmers have donated one million eggs a year to food banks across the country.

Breakfast Club of Canada

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but one out of seven Canadian kids goes to school every day on an empty stomach. The jam-packed nutrition of eggs stops hunger in its tracks, and sets children up for success in school. We are proud to support Breakfast Club of Canada in their mission to ensure every child gets the breakfast they deserve.


Canadian Food For Children

In a world where one billion people are hungry or malnourished, we have an obligation to reach down the ladder and help pull others up. Dr. Andrew Simone lives that mission—his organization, Canadian Food For Children, sends life-saving food shipments to nearly two dozen countries. This includes around sixteen tonnes of powdered eggs, the equivalent of 1.27 million eggs, through their partnership with Egg Farmers of Canada.


International Egg Foundation

The International Egg Foundation is an independent charity aimed at building egg production and consumption in developing countries. The high-quality of protein is exactly what undernourished people around the world need, and the Foundation aims to provide it. We partner with them on projects like Heart For Africa to do exactly that!


Heart for Africa

Ian and Janine Maxwell’s Heart for Africa is a large-scale farming project and safe haven for children in Swaziland, one of the world’s poorest countries. It has the perfect name, because it has truly become the heart of its local community. The 2,500-acre farm provides employment to the community, and is home to more than 100 orphaned Swazi children. It’s a glimpse of hope in a place of poverty, but hope builds mountains, and Egg Farmers of Canada is proud to support Heart for Africa by building and supporting an egg farm that helps feed the community.

As you can see, there are so many reasons to celebrate World Egg Day! Join the festivities around the world by sharing what you love most about eggs. Follow @eggsoeufs on Twitter and Instagram, ‘like’ Get Cracking on Facebook for more information on World Egg Day.