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An inside look at our 2023 Annual Report

Resilience and innovation are at the core of Canada’s thriving egg industry. Underpinning our sector is the stable foundation that Canada’s system of supply management provides and the strong processes and structures we have refined and nurtured over time.

This solid base has supported Canada’s more than 1,200 egg farmers and farming families as we worked together to advance our collective goals, adapting amidst shifting landscapes and circumstances. Read on to discover highlights from our 2023 Annual Report.

Advocating for our made-in-Canada system

Canadians know and love eggs for what they are: A reliable, nutritious food staple that is affordable and sustainably produced. That’s why our fellow Canadians overwhelmingly support this vital system and the stability it brings to our food system. Throughout 2023, we proudly shared that story and how supply management contributes to the Canadian economy and rural communities across Canada.

Stepping up for sustainability

In 2023, we announced the next step in our sustainability journey by committing to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Egg farmers have a longstanding track-record of supporting sustainable initiatives and we continued to push forward in a number of areas that support a sustainable future. For example, we enhanced our National Environmental Sustainability and Technology Tool (NESTT), equipping egg farmers with deeper insights as they identified efficiencies in their operations and took steps to care for our planet.

Making progress on critical issues

Our strength lies in our collaborative efforts. In the face of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza, we demonstrated our ability to respond effectively by working closely with poultry partners and government agencies. Additionally, we enhanced on-farm standards and protocols through initiatives such as the redeveloped Animal Care Program and amendments to the Start Clean-Stay Clean® food safety program, reflecting our commitment to rigorous standards.  

Celebrating our people and our product

Over the last year, we celebrated the humble egg and the people behind it. We launched new marketing programs—like our ‘What’s stopping you?’ campaign—that put a spotlight on eggs for dinner and helped us reach new audiences with our memorable messages. Our robust online presence allowed us to further connect Canadians with egg farmers and champions in all parts of our country and promote the countless ways to enjoy eggs anytime.  

As we reflect on 2023, Canada’s egg farmers are ready to carry that momentum into 2024 and beyond, reaffirming our commitment to excellence, innovation and a bright future.

Want to learn more? We invite you to explore our 2023 Annual Report.