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The top three reasons why egg farmers are using NESTT

The National Environmental Sustainability and Technology Tool (NESTT) is an innovative sustainability assessment tool specifically designed for Canadian egg farmers. With NESTT, egg farmers can measure, monitor and manage the environmental impact of their farm. It’s an essential tool for setting farm-level sustainability goals and planning for the future.

Canadian egg farmers can sign up for their NESTT account by visiting using their Farm Registration ID, which is available from their egg board.

Why are egg farmers using NESTT, and what have the early adopters said about this technology so far? Read on to find out.

Why do egg farmers use NESTT? Here are the top three reasons:

1. To understand your egg farm’s unique environmental performance

NESTT is the first tool that provides egg farmers with a tailored farm-level sustainability report. It measures sustainability on a flock-by-flock basis in areas like feed and water use, energy use, manure management and more. It also provides farmers with the unique ability to see their farm’s year-over-year performance and make regional and national comparisons for all sustainability indicators.

2. To make decisions based on actionable insights

The insights from NESTT support decision-making that is essential for individual farmers. For example, egg farmers can use NESTT to identify efficiencies in their operation, reduce waste and see how new technologies like solar panels, acid scrubbers and anaerobic digesters can enhance their farm’s sustainability. By using NESTT to apply circular thinking, egg farmers can help reduce waste while also caring for the planet.

3. To innovate for a more sustainable future

NESTT is just one of the ways egg farmers are moving the industry forward and building a more sustainable future. In NESTT, farmers can set sustainability goals, track progress and access the latest resources related to egg farm sustainability. NESTT is always being improved, with more capabilities and tools being added over time based on feedback from farmers, new insights and the latest technology.

Because NESTT aggregates data from users for benchmarking, it’s important that as many farmers as possible use it. The more farmers use it, the more data it has. The more data it has, the better it is at providing targeted, usable information for everyone.

How can egg farmers sign up for NESTT?

Canadian egg farmers can sign up for their NESTT account by visiting A unique Farm Registration ID is needed to sign up, which farmers can obtain from their egg board.

Curious to learn more? Watch our in-depth video tour of NESTT: