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Tradition, collaboration, innovation: A celebration of 50 years of egg supply management

2022 marks a special year for Egg Farmers of Canada. 50 years ago our organization was founded in a burst of innovation that created the system of egg supply management. In honour of our 50th anniversary, we’re celebrating how tradition, collaboration and innovation have contributed to our vibrant history and are setting the course for the future. Read on for an inside look at some of the key developments we’re highlighting from our 2022 Annual Report.

Upholding traditions while looking towards the future

As we look to the future, we can honour the past generations by challenging ourselves to
keep the traditions of innovation and collaboration alive. We can let the accomplishments
of those who came before us inspire us to do better, to be stronger, and especially to
work together to address our challenges.
This past year we were proud to partner with many crucial community organizations in Canada and around the world to help fight food insecurity. For example, we contributed 8 million eggs to food banks across the country in partnership with Food Banks Canada, which included expanding the delivery of fresh and powdered eggs to communities in Northern and remote regions of Canada. We also continued our global work with partners like the Canadian Food for Children and the Heart for Africa egg project.

Innovating to support the long-term sustainability of our sector

Egg farmers have long embraced sustainable practices and our holistic approach to sustainability is a key element of our vision for the future. This past year, we announced our new, cutting-edge sustainability tool for farmers to measure, monitor and manage their farm’s environmental footprint. Our research innovators are looking at the familiar and nutritious egg not only as food but as a tool to support medical advancements and how the work of Canadian egg farmers is reaching many unexpected parts of our society today.

Sustainability is also about protecting the health and welfare of our hens and delivering safe, high-quality eggs to Canadians. We’re proud that Canadians know they can trust and rely on made-in-Canada eggs. We continued to advance our Egg Quality Assurance™ (EQA) program, celebrating the incredible quality of Canadian eggs with partners in the grading, retail and foodservice sectors. The foundation of this program includes our national on-farm food safety program Start Clean-Stay Clean® and our national Animal Care Program.

Keeping collaboration at the forefront

As we celebrate 50 years of egg supply management in Canada, we are reminded that collaboration is at the heart of our accomplishments and is the glue that holds us together when times are tough. Our ability to work together is an important part of our rich story and has equipped us to move forward and innovate.

In 2022, we continued to balance the national egg supply by working closely with our many partners. Our Vision 2020 goal to increase egg consumption and be a world leader in per capital egg consumption saw forward momentum—and together, we remain committed to the role of eggs as the food of the future. Looking ahead to the next five decades, we know that our strong relationships and commitment to collaboration will drive new levels of success.

Read more about these accomplishments and see highlights from our 50th anniversary in our full 2022 Annual Report. Click here to download a copy.