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Eggs for dinner isn’t weird: Canadians are loving #EggsAnytime

True egg lovers know it’s not weird to enjoy eggs anytime, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We’re sharing this message with Canadians through our funny new #EggsAnytime marketing platform. It’s making waves among Canadians and advertising experts alike—with the initiative receiving recognition from Canadian marketing magazine Strategy and their 2019 Nice List.

Canadians from coast to coast have seen our #EggsAnytime ads—and the campaign is leaving a strong impression!

Perhaps you’ve seen them on TV or online? Or, maybe you saw content from some of our partners—like Nova Scotia’s Dave Culligan—sharing why eggs for lunch or dinner isn’t weird.

Dave is not the only one. We are working with partners across Canada with many passions—from sports to comedy and more—but who all love eating eggs at any time of the day. People like @matterofkat,  @eliepilon and @gsimmerling.

“We want to reframe the way Canadians think about eggs,” says Judi Bundrock, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer of Egg Farmers of Canada. “Eggs have long been loved as a breakfast favourite and this campaign is about getting Canadians to question why they can’t enjoy eggs at any time of the day. With consumers increasingly looking for whole, healthy protein sources, the new campaign encourages Canadians to enjoy eggs at new meals, including lunch and dinner.”

There are so many quick and easy recipes that are enhanced by eggs. Eggs are packed with essential vitamins and nutrients, and they’re the perfect way to add protein to any meal.

Everyone agrees: eggs are great for any meal. So, what are the best egg dishes for lunch and dinner? Check out for egg recipes, how-to tutorials and inspiration.