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Canada is breakfast sandwich nation

If we asked you the question, “what’s the most Canadian food?”, we can guess how you’d answer.

You’d likely say poutine. Or maple syrup. Or maybe butter tarts (invented in Canada!).

But the evidence is in, and there’s a new all-Canadian food: breakfast sandwiches.

Across Canada, breakfast sandwich sales are exploding. And Canadians’ love for eggs is booming right along with it.

More and more restaurant chains across the country are offering all-day breakfast menu items, and Canadians are getting inspired in the kitchen with their own creations. And the results are amazing.

Double breakfast burger before a long day of glamping @fronterrafarm

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After implementing all-day breakfast, the sale of egg meals at McDonald’s rose 25% in the first year…that’s over 35 million more eggs!1

And it’s no wonder why—aren’t breakfast sandwiches the most delicious thing when you wake up in the morning!?

Breakfast sandwiches are one part of an incredible trend—more and more Canadians are eating and enjoying the nutritional benefits of eggs. We’ve seen consistent sales growth in eggs over the past 11 years. In fact, in 2017 alone, egg sales increased by 4.1% across the country.2

Registered Dietitian Carol Harrison has figured out part of the reason why…

There’s never been more awareness of how much nutritional punch is packed into eggs. They are filled with protein that curbs hunger. Want to feel fuller, longer? Enjoy a Canadian egg or two—and a breakfast sandwich is a great way to do it. And eggs offer this incredible nutritional punch in a light package—they are only 70 calories each, and are packed with vitamins and minerals like iron, folate and choline.3 It’s one reason why Canadians are eating more eggs than ever. Over 732 million dozen eggs were produced in Canada last year alone.4

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The exploding popularity of breakfast sandwiches is just one of many reasons why we produce so many eggs in Canada every year.

Clearly, Canadians like to wake up to the natural goodness of eggs—and we’re glad Canadians are finding more ways to enjoy breakfast!

Want to make your own at home? Then you should check out some of our own, mouth-watering recipes, like our Farmer’s Favourite Breakfast Sandwich, Chef Lynn Crawford’s Peameal Bacon and Egg on a Bun or our Ultimate Canadian Breakfast Sandwich.

There’s nothing more essential to breakfast than a delicious, nutritious egg, made in Canada by Canadian family farms. What’s not to love?

For all kinds of egg recipes—from breakfast to dinner to dessert—you’ve got to check out, your home for all things eggs!

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