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Our Sustainability Story

What is sustainability to egg farmers? At its simplest, sustainability is about acting in a way that ensures the long-term viability of a farm operation. But hidden in the layers of that simple definition is an extraordinary complexity. You see, when we consider the long-term viability of our farm operations, everything matters—from how we treat our animals, to how we work with our community and how we treat our land. We live sustainability every day through every choice we make.

But that’s nothing new to us. Egg farmers have been building sustainably for decades. From generations of knowledge passed through farming families, we’ve been sharing best practices with our fellow farmers. We’ve amplified our work through Egg Farmers of Canada, finding new innovations and efficiences, spreading them to every corner of the country, while giving the next generation a strong foundation to build from.

We take a holistic, multi-faceted view of sustainability in the egg farming industry, based on five core pillars: protecting the health and welfare of our hens, delivering safe, high-quality eggs to Canadians, finding new ways to make egg production more environmentally sound, enhancing the well-being of others, and empowering our people.

They all come together and form a story that celebrates how far the industry has come and establishes a foundation to assess progress over time. Click HERE and read Our Sustainability Story to learn more about how we’re working responsibly for our communities and for our planet.