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Eggs are perfect for #Eastertaining and more!

What’s Easter without eggs? Along with a classic egg hunt, they’re the perfect treat for #Eastertaining. You know what we’re talking about…having your friends and family over for a few hors d’oeuvres, a meal and good company. This year we’re spending Easter celebrating the fine art of #Eastertaining—and why we love fresh, local Canadian eggs all year long!

We spoke to egg farmers Scott Janzen and Harley Siemens from British Columbia and Manitoba respectively, home economist Adriana Findlay, Registered Dietitian Sarah Morris (who grew up on an egg farm!) and mommy blogger superstar Tenille Lafontaine. We asked them what they love most about eggs for Easter and beyond… and here’s why they can’t get enough eggs:

Why do you think Canadians love fresh, local eggs?

“I think Canadians love fresh, local eggs because they are produced right here in Canada. It helps us support farmers and also allows us to keep eggs at an affordable price.” – Harley Siemens, egg farmer, Manitoba

“Canadians are looking for local food products—and the humble egg is local, very healthy and high-protein.” – Scott Janzen, egg farmer, British Columbia

Put a new twist on a classic by creating an omelette bar for family and friends this Easter!

Why are eggs a great food for families to enjoy?

“As a Registered Dietitian and mom of two, I cannot think of a better food to have on hand. Whether it’s boiled eggs for snacks or omelettes for supper, eggs make a quick, easy, and nutritious option that I can feel good about serving my family.” – Sarah Morris, Registered Dietitian, Nova Scotia

“The versatility of eggs makes it easy for families to incorporate them into their diets in the way each person likes them the best. My oldest two kids take hard boiled eggs in their lunches to school, where my youngest and I love scrambled eggs the best. My husband’s go-to lunch? An egg salad sandwich.” – Tenille Lafontaine, mommy blogger, Saskatchewan

“Eggs are an excellent fit for families because they are so versatile and can be enjoyed in so many different ways—scrambled, poached or as an ingredient in pancakes, cupcakes, hot cross buns or a sweet or savoury omelette.” – Adriana Findlay, home economist, Manitoba

Why do you love producing fresh, local eggs?

“I love producing fresh, local eggs because I know I am supplying Canadians with an excellent food product at a great affordable price. At our family’s farm we take pride in making sure our hens are kept in a safe, clean environment, to ensure that our eggs are high-quality for families across Manitoba and Canada.” – Harley Siemens, egg farmer, Manitoba

“I just love going to the barn every day and hanging with my chickens, which supply the people of BC with eggs.” – Scott Janzen, egg farmer, British Columbia

“One of the great things about eggs is their versatility.” – Sarah Morris, RD

There’s so much to love about the nutritional content of eggs—what’s your favourite part?

“Protein, protein, protein! A single large egg contains 6 grams of protein and 14 important nutrients like vitamins A, D, E, folate, iron and zinc. Eggs are also one of the few foods considered to be a complete protein because they contain all 9 essential amino acids (amino acids are considered the building blocks for the body and they’re ‘essential’ because our body can’t synthesize them from other components).” – Tenille Lafontaine, mommy blogger, Saskatchewan

“What is not to love about the nutritional content of eggs? They are a super food! Although I find it very hard to narrow down my favourite part, I would have to say the numerous vitamins and minerals they contain and the 6 grams of protein they provide per egg.” – Sarah Morris, Registered Dietitian, Nova Scotia

Why are eggs the perfect food for #Eastertaining?

“Like chocolate is to Valentine’s Day, eggs are to Easter! Thankfully, eggs are a lot more nutritious than chocolate (and won’t hurt my waistline like chocolate will!) and there are a ton of fun and easy recipes to utilize during your Easter festivities with friends and family.” – Tenille Lafontaine, mommy blogger, Saskatchewan

“Eggs have long been a symbol of Easter. Eggs are a natural choice when entertaining this season because they fit into all recipes from appetizers through to desserts.” – Adriana Findlay, home economist, Manitoba

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