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2018’s egg-centric culinary trends

There’s no question about it: eggs are a Canadian favourite. While old standbys like a nutritious omelette or a fabulous frittata will always bring a smile to our faces, top chefs and culinary trailblazers are predicting a bright year for the humble egg.

These emerging gastronomic and practical trends borrow inspiration from near and far, and are sure to get your taste buds and imagination going wild! With that in mind, take a read through our 2018 food trend roundup:

Eggs for breakfast, with Japanese style

Bon Appétit predicts Japanese-style breakfast will be a food trend in 2018.1 In a traditional Japanese breakfast, a series of small dishes add up to a meal more like lunch or dinner.2 A small omelette is always included for that much-needed morning kick of protein! For a wholesome and satisfying Japanese egg dish, try okonomiyaki. With cabbage, green onions, and mouth-watering bacon, it’s the perfect savoury breakfast dish.

Shake-shake-shake your Shakshuka!

The coming year is all about celebrating the richest, sunniest part of the egg—the yolk! A perfect way to enjoy its unmistakable taste and creamy, smooth texture is with the bold flavours of shakshuka.3 A dish consisting of perfectly poached eggs in a hearty and warming tomato sauce full of onions, peppers and cumin, shakshuka will please any adventurous pallet (just don’t forget to have plenty of pita bread on-hand to soak up the sauce!).

The world’s flavours at your fingertips

McCormick’s famous Flavor Forecast makes the case that 2018 will be partly defined by an international mix of street food flavours.4 You’ll find a mouth-watering culinary experience at street carts and food trucks across the country—and eggs will be part of it!

McCormick recommends you try sizzling egg crepes, the simple combination of egg and crepe batter cooked together and rolled up burrito-style. Or try egg samosa puffs served with sweet tamarind chutney. This savoury treat is sure to please any palette!

Walking on an (egg) cloud

It certainly is rare, nowadays, to encounter an entirely novel way to prepare eggs. They’ve already been fried, poached, baked, scrambled, tossed, chopped, boiled—you name it! But with one of the newest trends emerging in egg preparation–cloud eggs—the culinary innovation is continuing.

What is a cloud egg, you ask? Basically, it’s the culmination of two distinct preparations. First, the white is whipped until stiff peaks form (just like a meringue) then placed on a slice of toast. The still-intact yolk is nestled into the middle before baking for five minutes. This eye-popping recipe delivers Instagram-worthy results every time!5

The fourth meal that keeps you going

We all know how important the big three daily meals we call breakfast, lunch, and dinner are for getting through the day—but how about adding another pick-me-up meal for a boost of nutrition? We’re talking about the increasingly popular concept of a fourth meal6—another trend set to continue into 2018 and you can bet that eggs fit prominently into the picture.

Say that you’ve got a hockey game scheduled in the late evening. Your “fourth meal” would be the one you have before or after hitting the ice (but well before or after your early dinner has been served). The idea has caught traction because our busy lives often require a little flexibility when it comes to eating—a perfect platform for easy-to-prepare, protein-rich eggs.

It never ceases to amaze us just how versatile eggs can be. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner and every meal in between, eggs continue to remain popular simply because they’re delicious, nutritious and can be just about anything our culinary-focused imaginations conjure up!

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