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Canada, eggs and inspiring multicultural cuisine

Oh, Canada!

This has been a big year for our country—the 150th anniversary celebrations have given us all a great excuse to ponder on just what makes Canada so great. One idea that undoubtedly pops up time and time again is how so very many cultures call Canada home. And with a multitude of different cultures comes a multitude of delicious and varied dishes.

We shared a few of our favourites this spring, and now we’re adding to our list.

We know just how versatile eggs can be from one dish to the next, and in honour of Canada’s unique blend of multiculturalism, we’re sharing more of the tasty ways that Canadians make eggs the hero in their favourite dishes.

From Thailand, Pad Thai

From a Southeast Asian street food specialty to a ubiquitous Canadian takeout favourite, Pad Thai is a dish full of big, bright flavours and a balance between fresh and stir-fried ingredients.

This dish keeps eggs front and centre—they’re stir-fried along with tofu, shrimp, garlic, shallots and a bold tamarind sauce. Once all of these tempting flavours have married, lime wedges, bean sprouts, coriander leaves, green onions and peanuts are added for garnish. Fresh and unmistakably tasty, it’s no wonder Pad Thai can be found right across the country!

From Mexico, Huevos Rancheros

When you think of the most popular breakfast (or lunch, or dinner!) dishes to come from Mexico, we’ll bet that Huevos Rancheros is at the top of the list. That’s because this tasty meal layers on hearty refried beans, soft tortillas, cheese and a zesty tomato salsa before adding the star of the show: fried—or poached—eggs!

The extra protein and nutrient kick from the eggs offers plenty of energy whether you’re exploring the prairies, jogging along the west coast or hiking in the Maritimes!

From North Africa and Israel, Shakshuka

This hearty and comforting dish had its beginnings in North Africa, and it’s no surprise to learn that its popularity has since spread far and wide.

Shakshuka is on the rise in Canada, and who could blame us for being smitten with this rich and nourishing meal? Full of wow factor ingredients such as paprika, hot chilies, cumin, onions, peppers—and of course, the star of the show: eggs.

From Russia, Ukraine and Romania, Paska

Delicious any time of the year, this eggy bread is a Canadian favourite for Russian, Ukrainian and Romanian communities. And with good reason—Paska is perfect on its own, but also makes the perfect vessel for additional ingredients like cherries, savoury cheese or even egg custard.

Light, airy and slightly sweet in flavour, Paska is as easy to bake as it is to go back for seconds. And thirds. And fourths…

From Japan, Chawanmushi

This beautiful, delicately delectable egg custard is traditionally served as an appetizer. Aside from its subtle flavour, one of the best things about preparing Chawanmushi is that it’s so customizable—just about anything and everything tastes great when you add it.

While some enjoy it with chicken, others prefer adding prawns or other seafood into the mix. Whatever the season—and whatever you have on-hand­—this steamed custard is enjoyed across the country.

With so many exciting flavours and ingredients celebrated by the many cultures and communities that call Canada home, there are more tasty meal ideas out there than ever before.

And it’s no wonder that eggs play a major role in so many of the dishes too—as versatile as they are delicious, Canadian eggs are certainly something we all love equally!