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10 things Canadians love about eggs

When our farmers hit the streets of Saskatoon to thank Canadians for loving made-in-Canada eggs, it was something special. The energy was electric. It’s amazing how much strangers want to say about how much they adore eggs.

We heard stories about favourite recipes, childhood memories, gratitude, healthy living, along with so much more! We collected some of our favourite quotes and found even more Canadians online telling the world about this delicious, fresh food. Here are just ten things Canadians love about eggs:

1. “Taste, and that they are so filling and satisfying.” – Lisa D.

2. “Fresh, healthy, and great to eat and use in recipes.” – Heather C.

3. “Avocado eggs benny?! Does it get any better. We’re thinking we might make this even for dinner tonight!”  – @EFA_AB_eggs

4. “Who doesn’t like eggs?!” – Jenn P.

5. “They are good inside of desserts.” – Adelaide F.

6. “This morning and every morning we are fueled by @GetCracking! #HomanJrs”  –  @TeamHoman

7. “They taste really good with bacon.” – Fionna F.

8. “They provide my parents with a living!” – Jackson W.

9.  “We’re having breakfast for dinner after coming across @chefannaolson’s eggs benny recipe:” – @FoodNetworkCA

10. “I can eat them with anything.” – Melba R.