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A Dee-lightful World Egg Day

Eddie Cummings tweeted: “eggs are so polite, they always hold the door and say ‘omelette you go first.’”

Nicole Bonomo shared: “how did the omelette find out she was ill? She had an eggs-amination.”

These are just a few of the contributions offered for World Egg Day, this past October 13th. We asked Canadians: what are your funniest egg puns and jokes? And boy, did they crack a few yokes.

For every tweet or post using #CrackAYoke, Egg Farmers of Canada committed to making a donation to Breakfast Club of Canada—an organization fighting the good fight against hunger in Canada. Even in a country as wealthy as ours, 1 in 5 kids go to school hungry every day.1 With 60% of learning done before noon, kids who miss breakfast miss out on most of the day’s learning—with lifelong consequences.­2

No one knows about learning and laughs quite as well as Gerry Dee. The award-winning comedian is the brilliant mind who created, wrote and stars in CBC’s Mr. D. The show follows the misadventures of a Canadian teacher, drawn from the experiences of its writer. For a decade Gerry Dee was a teacher in Toronto before entering the comedy arena. He’s seen firsthand how children learn, and has collected some funny stories along the way. He was also the ambassador for our #CrackAYoke initiative.

Being a teacher meant speaking in front of a few tough crowds—which, funny enough, was the perfect training for Gerry’s career as a comedian: “You’ve got to be thick-skinned… thick-shelled?”

“Having been a physical education teacher, knowing about nutrition, I know the quick fix for most kids is carbs,” says Gerry, reflecting on his own experiences as an educator.

“The staple that often falls behind is protein. You need to consciously seek protein in your daily diet—kids don’t think like that.”

This is just one reason why Egg Farmers of Canada has been a proud partner of Breakfast Club of Canada. Eggs are high in protein and a perfect way for kids to start their day. We help Breakfast Club provide nutritious breakfasts to over 150,000 Canadian children.3

“It’s an easy sell, because kids love eggs,” Gerry adds.

Gerry spent the day encouraging Canadians to tweet and post their favourite jokes. But of course, Gerry is a comedian… he’s got a few himself.

“Who’s an egg’s favourite singer? Yolk-o Ono. It’s favourite song? I’m so Egg-cited.

It’s a day for laughing, to help solve a serious problem. Gerry’s experience as a teacher showed him firsthand what hunger in children can look like.

“It’s true, kids not eating breakfast is a problem you see everywhere,” says Gerry.

“As a teacher, you get very emotionally attached to your kids. You want the best for them. It’s good for teachers to talk about this, and today is a great start to helping school breakfast programs grow.”

And they’ll be growing because of #CrackAYoke, which raised a total of $25,000 through various donations to help kids get the nutritious breakfast they need!

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