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Our success story: earning Canada’s trust everyday

The Canadian egg farming industry has grown by nearly 30% over the past decade. Retail sales of table eggs shot up by 5.6% last year alone, and we’re on track for even more growth this year.1

The bedrock of this success is trust. We care deeply for the Canadian public’s trust in us. Every aspect of our business—from operations to policy development to governance—are approached with the utmost regard for our communities, our environment and our society… the spaces we live and thrive.

Our approach is rooted in five principles that are dear to our hearts. Here are some of the ways we are challenging ourselves every day to grow and strengthen our industry through trust:

First, understand the core strengths of your product

The strengths of our product are obvious: when it comes to nutrition, little can compare to the power of the egg. It has one of the highest quality proteins and is one of the most nutrient dense foods available. We’re telling Canadians this story with a laser-like focus. For example: scientific research recently put to bed the myth that the cholesterol in eggs is bad for you. We reached out to nearly 19,500 doctors, sharing the truth to those who most needed to hear it—getting the facts out to the medical professionals that Canadians depend on.

Second, build trust through relationships

In the era of Twitter and Facebook, the companies from which we buy our products can seem distant and faceless. We strive for the exact opposite. We want Canadians to feel a personal connection to our farmers. We want them to know the food at their family’s table comes from another family like theirs. It’s why we work hard to showcase the many farm families behind our work.

Third, walk the talk

We take our values to heart. That means acting on them. We believe that a growing world population needs more food like eggs—affordable, rich in protein, nutritious and healthy. And so we act to help make sure more people around the world benefit from our work. We donate more than 3 million eggs every year to community food banks and breakfast programs, and the farm we helped build in Swaziland offers 4,000 fresh eggs to local children. We’re so proud to partner with our friends at the International Egg Foundation on this project—and are looking to replicate its success in other parts of the world!

Fourth, embrace environmental sustainability

Globally, we’re seeing an interesting trend: economic security and environmental sustainability are intimately tied. The transition to a greener economy is accelerating fast. Egg farmers have seized the opportunity to take a leading role in agricultural sustainability. Indeed, over the last fifty years, we’ve sliced our environmental footprint in half… at the same time our production doubled.

Fifth, back up your story

Every egg farmer is committed to constant improvement in food safety and animal welfare. Egg Farmers of Canada runs national programs that hold our members to a common set of standards. We run those programs so that, from coast to coast, we can offer Canadians a firm guarantee: that their high-quality eggs are fresh, safe and produced on farms that are held to the highest standards.

Food is the anchor to any successful society, and people care deeply about their food. The cornerstone of our success is trust—trust in our product and trust in our people.

1 Egg Farmers of Canada