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Daniel Drolet

New science-informed, consensus-based standards for animal welfare

Glen Jennings, an egg farmer from Masstown, Nova Scotia, says standards for animal care have changed tremendously since he first joined the family farm after completing his education in 1989. “I’ve seen a huge transition over time,” says Jennings, who also serves as a farmer representative on the multi-stakeholder committee charged with developing a new […]

Jon Krahn: It’s great to have your family grow up on the farm

Kevin Wallington: Being able to join traditional knowledge with new ideas

Tyler and Kaylin Wiens: It’s more important than ever to help educate people on how we do things

Stephanie Simmons: Agriculture is a big part of my world

David Lefebvre: I felt like exploring other things, only to discover that agriculture was my passion

Marie-Pier Lefebvre: There is a place for us, as the next generation

Laura Buys: There are tons of job opportunities

Andrew Vallance: We love what we do and we have fun