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Christine Anawati

About the author

Christine is a proud supporter of Canada’s 1,000+ egg farmers. She is Egg Farmers of Canada’s Director, Corporate and Public Affairs.

For Mike the Chicken Vet, “there’s no such thing as a day in the life”

Lots of boys and girls dream about being a veterinarian. Why? Because so many would love to work with animals. Yet only a few choose the path of the poultry veterinarian–and Mike Petrik is one of them. Blogging under the name Mike the Chicken Vet, Petrik is passionate about caring for chickens. It’s a job […]

Why 2017 will be the “year of the egg yolk”

Making a difference with education, employment and hope

Raising a barn in Swaziland with Canadian knowledge and expertise

Egg farmers extend a helping hand to Alberta flood victims