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Egg lovers will love these apps & websites

A New Year means New Year’s resolutions—and here at Egg Farmers of Canada, we have resolved to find even more ways to enjoy eggs! We work hard to cater to egg lovers across the country, helping Canadians explore the joys of the simple egg. To reach so many people in a land as big and as vast as ours, we’re big believers in the use of the latest technology—apps, websites, social media and everything the digital world offers. So what are some of the best online sources for everything eggs? Allow us to show you! In no particular order, here are some of our favourite egg-related apps and websites:

1. Get Cracking

For a one-stop shop on all things egg, there’s nowhere better than Get Cracking is a super-encyclopedia with everything an egg lover wants to know about eggs—whether it’s scrumptious breakfast recipes, nutritional facts or tips for mothers looking to feed their children eggs or information about where your eggs come from. We’re particularly proud of the unforgettable egg-based dishes and information we’ve compiled on Get Cracking…visit and Get Cracking today!

2. EggcentricTV


We love eggs so much, we gave them their own network. And why not? Eggs are the most versatile, amazing, nutritious, delicious food in the world—and we want everyone to know it. That’s why we launched EggcentricTV. It’s filled with fresh content, original recipes, top chefs and much more… all accessible with the click of a button on iOS and Android. Take a look at what EggcentricTV offers at

3. The Incredible Egg


Our friends at the American Egg Board have put together a fantastic website for egg lovers: There you can find a massive library of content. Take for example their Cooking School, which walks you through a step-by-step guide to the basics of cooking eggs. Or check out the Eggcyclopedia, filled to the brim with answers for every single question you could possibly ask about eggs and egg farming. But our favourite is their egg-themed show Wake Up To Eggs with the Bacon Brothers, starring none other than Kevin and Michael Bacon!

4. Egg Timer App


Have you ever struggled to cook the perfect egg? We’ve all been there—and we’ve come up with a way to cook perfect eggs easier than ever. Check out our Egg Timer App, available for free at the App Store or Google Play. Choose instructions for either boiled, poached, scrambled or fried eggs. Customize your cooking time based on egg size and desired hardness—then let the timer worry about how long you need to cook! The App includes lots of handy tips, along with a huge number of recipes.

These are the first places we click for all things egg. Now we’d like to know yours. What are some of your favourite websites and apps for eggs? Let us know on Twitter at @eggsoeufs or on Facebook at Get Cracking.