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Survey confirms Canadians overwhelmingly support supply management 

Canadians love locally sourced food, and thanks to the innovative system of supply management, they enjoy a steady supply of made-in-Canada dairy, chicken, turkey and eggs. A recent survey conducted by Abacus Data1 confirms that Canadians overwhelmingly support the system of supply management and that it delivers on Canadians’ values and priorities. 

The survey confirmed that 9 in 10 Canadians say it is important to them that the dairy, eggs, chicken, and turkey they buy come from Canada. The system of supply management delivers on this by matching demand with made-in-Canada food produced on family farms located right across the country.

Put simply, thanks to supply management, the majority of the eggs that are enjoyed in Canada are also produced by Canadian farmers to Canadian standards.

Additionally, the survey shows 92% of Canadians express confidence in the food safety and animal welfare of the dairy, poultry and egg products they purchase. This high level of confidence reflects the trust Canadians have in local farmers and their practices.

An overwhelming 97% of respondents believe it is important that Canada has strong domestic food supply chains that allow us to produce enough food to feed Canadians year-round. The system of supply management supports Canadian food security by protecting the supply chain from shocks and disruptions. It means Canadians have reliable access to Canadian eggs.

Furthermore, 94% of Canadians express they prefer dairy, eggs, chicken and turkey products to be produced locally in Canada under supply management. These findings underscore that Canadians recognize the importance of supply management in supporting Canadian food security and food sovereignty.

Canada’s supply-managed farmers support more than 339,000 jobs, contribute $30.1 billion to Canada’s GDP and deliver $5.95 billion in tax contributions every year. In addition to supporting the economy, supply management ensures dependable access to homegrown foods and supports a vibrant and prosperous agriculture sector. This latest research from Abacus Data underscores that Canadians support supply management, and that this essential system helps build public confidence in our food supply chain.

To learn more about the system of supply management, read our supply management fact sheet.

Abacus Data