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Canada’s Egg Quality Assurance™ (EQA®) program: 8 things to know

To make it easy for Canadians to spot high-quality Canadian eggs, Egg Farmers of Canada launched the Egg Quality Assurance™ (EQA®) certification program. This national program makes it easier for consumers to identify top-quality eggs and for farmers to band together to uphold those same quality standards. Encompassing all parts of Canada’s egg supply chain, partners work together to meet the program’s standards. 

Read on to discover eight things you need to know about the EQA® certification program.

  1. Look for the (EQA®) mark
    The distinctive mark makes it easy to identify made-in-Canada eggs, helping customers know that their eggs have met world-class standards for food safety and animal care. Buyers can look for the mark on egg cartons, egg products, and restaurant menus.
  2. It is a multi-layered certification program
    In order to receive and maintain their EQA® certification, Canadian egg farmers must meet the requirements of both the national Animal Care Program and Start Clean-Stay Clean® on-farm food safety program. Canadian farmers take great pride in upholding their certifications and meeting the program requirements.
  3. Five principles help determine quality  
    Canada is known for having some of the highest standards in the world for food safety and animal care. Quality is achieved through five key principles: critical requirements, verification, third-party auditing, continuous improvement and farmer commitment.
  4. Third-party audits are regularly conducted
    Farms are regularly inspected to ensure all safety and quality standards are met. Using a third party helps ensure the process is neutral and unbiased. All standards are reviewed, and requirements are regularly updated as new research and data becomes available.
  5. Accurate and up-to-date records must be kept
    Keeping thorough records is an important part of managing a farm and maintaining quality standards, and farmers must complete a range of daily, weekly and monthly records in order to meet program requirements.
  6. The program runs coast to coast
    Regulated egg farmers from all ten provinces and the Northwest Territories all participate together so Canadians can shop for their eggs with confidence knowing the utmost care has been taken in providing them with nutritious eggs.
  7. Canadians support the EQA® program
    Canadians find the EQA® mark makes a positive difference when it comes to trust and confidence in their eggs, as well as the farmers, grocers, and restaurant owners who offer EQA® certified eggs, according to a recent Egg Farmers of Canada study.1 
  8. It provides peace of mind
    Canadians can trust that Canadian eggs meet rigorous safety standards. Retailers and the foodservice and hospitality industry can feel confident about purchasing the highest quality eggs and meet their consumer’s needs and desires.

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