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Why these Registered Dietitians love eggs

It’s no surprise that eggs are a favourite amongst Registered Dietitians. Packed with 13 essential nutrients including high-quality protein, eggs are both a nutrition powerhouse and a kitchen staple for Canadians.

Thanks to the versatility, nutritional value and convenience of eggs, many Registered Dietitians consider eggs a go-to food. Read on to discover what these six Registered Dietitians from across Canada have to say about eggs.

Eggs and cholesterol, debunking the myth

Registered Dietitian Hannah Magee shared this video of her cooking a protein-packed dinner featuring eggs. Hannah emphasized that the dietary cholesterol found in eggs doesn’t raise blood cholesterol levels.

Meals with eggs for those with ADHD

Dietitian Becca Harris specializes in helping ADHDers optimize their health and time in the kitchen. She promotes eggs as a valuable addition to the diet for individuals with ADHD, citing their brain-boosting advantages. Examples include vitamin B6 for memory support, choline for mood regulation and iron to maintain cognitive function.

Eggs are a quick, easy and high-protein

Devika Sharma, a cookbook author and Dietitian, shares how eggs are a quick and easy protein source to include in all meals and snacks! Her creations, such as Tacos to Go and Protein Oatmeal, feature two large eggs, providing 13 grams of high-quality protein to keep you energized throughout the day.

The benefits of eggs for your memory

Sue Mah, an award-winning Dietitian, recognizes the significance of choline1 in improving your memory. Choline is an important nutrient that our bodies don’t produce enough. Eggs are one of the best dietary sources of choline. Two large eggs contain 75% of your daily needs for choline.

Why eggs are a nutritious kitchen staple  

Thanks to their nutrient density, Quebec-based Dietitian Vanessa Daigle recommends eggs as an exceptional anytime food. She shares how eggs are packed with vitamins and nutrients including B12 as well as fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E. They are perfect for breakfast, snacks or meals. 

Reinventing dinner with eggs

Registered Dietitians Symone and Chantel are no strangers to the versatility of eggs for dinner. They share balanced and filling dinners you can make with eggs—like shakshuka, fried rice and egg drop soup. Eggs are a good source of protein and quick to prepare—making them the perfect addition to any meal.

Eggs are not only nutritious, delicious and versatile, but they also offer abundant benefits to make them a favorite food for Canadians. Feeling inspired to eat more eggs? Check out the hashtag #EggsAnytime on social media or visit for recipe ideas to enjoy eggs at any time of day.

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