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Eggs make celebrating Easter easy

With Easter just around the corner, Canada’s more than 1,200 egg farming families are working hard to provide Canadians with top-quality eggs needed for festive meals, egg decorating and other cherished family traditions. 

Easter and eggs share a special history together—from the fabled Easter Bunny hiding eggs for children to find, to natural dyeing techniques for decorating, to perhaps our favourite: delicious and decadent meals! As an accessible and essential ingredient in many holiday recipes and activities,  eggs are always available to Canadians thanks to the system of supply management. Canadians can trust their eggs are always fresh, produced by local farmers and held to world-class standards for food safety and animal care

Easy one-dish recipes

When it comes to Easter gatherings, the meal is typically the star of the show! One-pot or one-pan recipes are great in their simplicity—not to mention less clean up so you can spend more quality time with loved ones. We’ve partnered with some of Canada’s top chefs to create three family-friendly, one-dish meals perfect for a weekend of relaxation and to help you celebrate #EasterwithEase.

Chef Josh Gale

Hailing from British Columbia, Chef Josh Gale has worked with multiple notable Vancouver restaurants. His dishes strongly feature locally sourced ingredients with a Pacific Northwest and Cascadian focus, resulting in one-of-a-kind creations sure to please.

Chef Josh’s Creamy Pasta with Ham, Peas and Poached Eggs offers a tasty twist on a carbonara with the addition of diced ham and green peas. Poached eggs are a fan-favourite with just the right balance of runny yolk.

Chef Lynn Crawford

One of Canada’s best-known celebrity chefs, Chef Lynn Crawford aims to increase awareness about the food choices we make and where that food comes from. 

“Everybody is looking for good, healthy choices in what they are preparing for themselves… knowing where our food comes from and identifying those farmers and farm families who are committed to providing Canadians with a wonderful product.”

An avid enthusiast of local and seasonal ingredients, Chef Lynn has created a simple one-pot recipe that highlights the versatility of eggs. Chef Lynn’s savoury Ham and Cheddar Croissant Bake is the perfect addition to a mid-morning brunch, and will have the whole family asking for more.

Chef Mihn Phat

A Montreal native to Vietnamese immigrants of Chinese descent, Chef Mihn combines multiple flavours and styles of cooking to create mouth-watering creations known throughout Montreal.Full of rich flavours and an eye-catching part of any table spread, Chef Mihn’s All Dressed Baked Eggs on Crispy Rice is as easy as it is savoury. Fresh ingredients like Canadian eggs, eggplant, bacon and garlic work together to create a hearty, flavourful meal perfect for a gathering.

Meals with family and friends

This Easter, we hope these three simple and delicious one-dish eggy recipes help you celebrate #EasterwithEase. Whether you’re planning a family brunch or pot-luck dinner with friends, Canadian eggs are the key to bringing the meal together. 

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