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Want to give back this holiday season? Try your local food bank

The holiday season is a time of celebration and joy, shared with the people who matter most in our lives—our family, our friends and those we treasure. It’s a time of year where people ask: how can I give a little back, after the world has given me so much?

At Egg Farmers of Canada, we’re partnering with Food Banks Canada to make giving back a little simpler this holiday season. Our annual #RecipesThatGive initiative supports those in need and helps to alleviate hunger in communities across the country—and importantly, it helps to spread the word about how Canadians can give back.

Joining the #RecipesThatGive movement is simple. We’re challenging Canadians to donate to their local food banks, share a holiday meal with someone they love, post it on social media using the hashtag #RecipesThatGive, and tag a friend so they do the same.

It’s easy to help spread the cheer this season. Share your holiday recipes using #RecipesThatGive on social media, like this yummy Christmas pudding. Click here for the recipe.

Together we’re spreading awareness of the more than 860,000 Canadians who rely on food banks for help each month, according to Chris Hatch, CEO of Food Banks Canada. It’s a perfect time of year to donate or volunteer your time at your local food bank. That’s exactly what Canada’s egg farmers are doing.

“For more than two decades, Egg Farmers of Canada has donated millions of eggs to their local food banks every year,” says Roger Pelissero, Chairman of Egg Farmers of Canada. “We want all Canadians to have access to nutritious and wholesome meals, including fresh, local, high-quality eggs.”

And who better to help us bring those meals to Canadians than some of our world-class chef partners? We’re proud to have three incredible chef ambassadors bringing the positive message of #RecipesThatGive to Canada: Chefs Lynn Crawford, Trevor Bird and Craig Flinn.

These chefs are so excited about giving back this holiday season:

Nothing makes Chef Lynn Crawford happier during the holidays than bringing her family together to enjoy a meal—like a classic Scottish breakfast of eggs, back bacon, sausage and potato scones. She’s also known for her decadent desserts, and this year she’s sharing her cinnamon bun recipe—the perfect dish for sharing from her family to yours.
Chef Trevor Bird adores his mom’s egg noodle stuffing over the holidays—not to mention preparing a huge feast with his family. He’ll be sharing his twist on a classic Scotch egg as part of our #RecipesThatGive initiative. Join Chef Trevor and share your holiday recipes on social media.
Chef Craig Flinn loves his mom’s holiday recipes—especically her cherished butter tarts. He’s so grateful for the food he can enjoy with loved ones, and we’re greateful he’s sharing his maple pecan eggy bread recipe in celebration of #RecipesThatGive!

We can turn gratitude into action this holiday season. No one knows better than egg farmers how easy it can be to give back to your community. After all, community engagement is at the very root of egg farming. Our profession is a passion for bringing nutrient-rich, protein-packed food to Canadian families—especially those who need it most.

So, what can you do to help? Consider supporting your local food bank by donating funds, time or food. And, join Egg Farmers of Canada and Food Banks Canada in sharing your favourite holiday recipe using the hashtag #RecipesThatGive to insipire others to pay it forward.

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