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The choice is yours! A guide to buying eggs

Canadian eggs are among the best in the world for quality and freshness. Egg farmers take great pride in providing a range of choice—from classic white and brown eggs to enriched, free range and free run, to organic and vitamin enhanced. When you shop, you always have a choice.

Canadian eggs are produced according to world-class standards

No matter which type of Canadian eggs you choose, here is what they all have in common:

Canadian eggs are fresh. Farmers produce eggs to world-class standards, and eggs travel from our farms to the store in about a week. No matter which type of Canadian egg you choose, you are enjoying a fresh, nutritious food.

Eggs are produced according to our national on-farm food safety and animal care programs. These national programs—followed by every egg farmer in Canada—include on-farm inspections, record keeping and more. These programs are the foundation of our Egg Quality Assurance™ (EQA®) certification program. The EQA® certification mark makes it easier to identify made-in-Canada eggs, and highlights the incredible quality of Canadian eggs. While some egg cartons already feature the EQA® mark, know that this quality standard applies to all eggs produced on Canadian farms!

Egg farmers follow feed regulations set by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Farmers care for their hens and feed them with healthy, nutrient-rich food. Hens are fed a diet of grains, protein, fats, vitamins and minerals. Hens have continuous access to plenty of food and water.

Canadian egg farmers provide a range of choice

Regular white or brown eggs Regular white or brown eggs come from hens that are housed in small group settings. These are the most common eggs found in Canada.
Enriched colony or furnished eggs Enriched colony and furnished eggs come from hens that are housed in small group settings with amenities such as perches and a curtained off area where hens lay their eggs.
Vitamin-enhanced eggs Vitamin-enhanced eggs have more of a certain nutrient, like vitamin D or Omega-3. Hens are fed a nutritionally enhanced diet containing higher levels of certain nutrients that make their way from the diet of the hen into the egg.
Eggs from hens fed a vegetarian diet These eggs are from hens fed a diet containing only ingredients of plant origin. This is a special case as hens are omnivores.
Free run eggs Free run eggs come from hens that roam the entire barn floor. Some of these barns are equipped with multi-tiered aviaries.
Free range eggs Free range eggs come from hens that roam the barn floor and access the outdoors when weather permits. Outdoor access is only seasonally available in Canada.
Organic eggs Organic eggs come from hens raised in a free range system with access to the outdoors. These hens are fed certified organic feed, and farmers follow the Canadian Organic Standards regulated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.
Processed eggs Processed eggs are shell eggs broken by special machines and pasteurized. They are further processed and packaged in liquid, frozen or dried form, as well as the value-added egg products you’ll find in stores.