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Canada’s food banks need us. Will you answer their call?

The COVID-19 pandemic is challenging Canadians from coast to coast—especially some of our most vulnerable communities. This difficult time reminds us of the absolute importance of rallying around our friends, neighbours and fellow Canadians with our support.

Canadian food banks are on the front lines, supporting our vulnerable neighbours despite difficult circumstances. Food Banks Canada is already reporting an increase in demand over the past weeks and they are anticipating that many community food banks will face painful challenges as they work tirelessly to provide their clients with essential services. These leaders in our communities are experiencing a significant drop in donations in some markets—as much as a 50% reduction, with less than two weeks-worth of food in stock.

Food banks are also facing drastic declines in volunteers and have to adapt their operations in light of COVID-19. As the pandemic continues, it will bring additional pressure on Canadian families across our country—and on food banks that provide important services to our communities, at a time when those services have never been more critical.

Put simply: Canada’s food banks need our help.

Food Banks Canada launched a special appeal to raise $150 million to ensure food banks can continue their work through this crisis and beyond. As a longstanding partner and supporter of their mission to relieve hunger today and prevent it tomorrow, egg farmers responded to the call. We donated $25,000 toward Food Banks Canada’s COVID-19 Response Fund for Food Banks and we hope you will donate as well. We are asking you to join us in supporting Canada’s food banks at this critical time. If enough Canadians lend their support, food banks can weather the storm and continue their work.

Canadians living with food insecurity need our support now more than ever. With the help of our community, Canadian food banks will be able to source and deliver essential food to our community members. Your donation will also help food banks retool in response to the pandemic, protecting and serving their clients. Our collective support has never been more important—click below to make a donation today.