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The recipe for giving back with #RecipesThatGive

We’re partnering with Food Banks Canada this holiday season to inspire Canadians to give back. #RecipesThatGive is about the power of time and what we use it for. The holidays are a period of hustle and bustle—it can be hard to find a moment to yourself! So, how can Canadians find the time to give back in gratitude for the joy of the season? By using recipes that save time in the kitchen, making more time to give back.

Through #RecipesThatGive we’re encouraging Canadians to give food, funds or time to their local food bank. Consider this: in just one month in 2018 alone, Canadians visited food banks 1.1 million times.1 Over one-third of those using food banks are children, and the rate of food bank use among single person households has hit a record high.2 Building a Canada where no one goes hungry is the mission of Food Banks Canada, and it’s a mission Canadian egg farmers are proud to support.

Egg Farmers of Canada is a proud 20-plus year partner of Food Banks Canada. In fact, Canadian egg farmers have donated millions of eggs to local food banks through this partnership.

#RecipesThatGive is rooted in a classic holiday tradition: exchanging our favourite mouth-watering recipes.

These recipes are designed to be quickly whipped up in the kitchen or packaged in an easy-to-create Mason jar as the perfect DIY holiday gift. Just add fresh, local, high-quality Canadian eggs to complete the dish!

Chef Lynn Crawford’s Gingerbread Pancakes

Chef Craig Flinn’s Spiced Pear and Rum Raisin Loaf


Chef Dale Mackay’s Chocolate Peppermint Thumbprint Cookies

Aren’t they delicious? Now it’s your turn. Go on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Share your favourite, time-saving holiday recipes using the hashtag #RecipesThatGive. Use #RecipesThatGive to inspire others and tell us how you are using your time to make a difference in your community. Next, challenge someone else to do the same!

Food brings us together this time of year—and we hope the cause of giving back brings all Canadians together. As for you, we hope your season is filled with fun and family—and delicious meals to gather around. We wish you all wonderful and happy holidays!

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