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Five reasons why Canadian poultry is a great choice

Canadians love Canadian eggs, chicken and turkey. And Canada’s more than 4,700 egg, chicken, turkey and hatching egg farmers and processors love producing these top-quality products that feed their friends and neighbours across Canada. More than that, they love creating an amazing array of safe, healthy, affordable protein choices to meet Canadians’ every need and taste. But there’s even more to be proud of when it comes to these extraordinary products. Here’s five reasons why these made-in-Canada products are a great choice, and a choice to be proud of.

1. Made-in-Canada

Tyler, David and Glen Coburn are egg farmers from New Brunswick.

We know Canadians want Canadian-made products. They trust Canadian standards of food safety and animal care, and they want their purchases to support Canadian farmers and businesses. And with egg, chicken and turkey, Canadians are getting exactly what they desire—products from Canadian farmers and processors. You can take pride in the fact that when you choose these products, you’re supporting Canadian families—many of which have been working the farm for generations.

2. Produced to world-class Canadian standards

One reason why Canadians trust poultry products is that they trust the standards to which farmers and processors produce those products. And those standards are backed by discipline and best practices. Detailed records are kept, and updated constantly. The interior of barns is highly regulated, with strict biosecurity enforced. On-farm inspections and third-party audits throughout the year hold farmers accountable. All of these practices and more ensure that Canadians have confidence in our products—that the food they buy in store is safe for their family and friends.

3. Strict codes of practice for animal care

Kate Van Deynze-Fleming is an egg farmer in Holland, Manitoba, one of many Canadian farmers across the country.

Canadian egg, chicken, turkey and hatching egg farmers are, first and foremost, caretakers of their animals. It’s a responsibility they take seriously—a core commitment for the entire sector. We back that up with world-class codes of practice. We work across the supply chain, using the best science and top practitioners in the field of animal care. We also support research into animal behaviour and welfare, for example, to learn more about the hens, chickens and turkeys under our care. First and foremost, our farmers consider themselves caretakers of their animals—priding themselves on the health of their flocks.

4. Every day, we strive to continuously improve and strengthen our practices

That’s what passion and pride mean for Canadian poultry farmers and processors—a desire to continuously improve and strengthen our practices, day after day, year after year, generation after generation. Our poultry farmers and processors work to bring you products that are backed by nationally certified and audited standards on animal care and food safety. We embrace an approach of continuous improvement in every area of farm life and food production, from animal care, to food safety, to sustainability, to product quality. You can see that commitment to improvement in every part of the sector. For example, Canadian egg farming has seen a 50% reduction in its environmental footprint over the last 50 years, alongside a 50% increase in production. Other farmers and parts of our supply chain are doing the similar work—reducing their environmental footprint, every single day.

5. Canadian eggs, chicken and turkey are simply delicious

At the end of the day, this responsible, progressive industry delivers delicious food for Canadians to enjoy. Whether it’s eggs, chicken or turkey, there are thousands of recipes and delectable ways to enjoy these foods, brought to you by our sector. You can check out to find inspired egg recipes, has plenty of creative options where chicken plays the starring role and will give you whole new ways to appreciate cooking with turkey.