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Supply management: benefiting Canadians from coast to coast

Canadians love Canadian eggs. They come from local farmers who ensure our eggs are among the best in the world for quality and freshness. Our uniquely Canadian system of supply management makes all this possible and also supports thousands of Canadian jobs and sustains vibrant rural communities. So how does the system work and who are the real people behind it?

In order to answer these important questions, Egg Farmers of Canada is inviting Canadians to learn about this made in Canada system and asking them to help keep the #EhInEggs. Part of these efforts include introducing the country to an inspiring pair of young industry leaders, Ontario-based egg farmers Andrew and Mélissa Vallance.

This husband and wife team works together to contribute to each other’s family farms–they grew up as neighbours, so it’s fair to say that Andrew literally married the girl next door! Andrew and Mélissa are thriving and contributing to their community in a meaningful way thanks to supply management. Their story is just one of so many across the country, where egg farmers are able to see their local communities also benefit from a thriving and stable egg industry—it’s the kind of scenario where everybody wins.

When it comes to spreading the word about why Canada continuously benefits from supply management, the made in Canada story and the Vallances are a great example of hard-working Canadians who are making sure nutritious, high-quality, locally-produced Canadian eggs end up on Canadian tables from coast to coast to coast!