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This World Egg Day, here’s five reasons to love Canadian egg farming

Did you know the second Friday of every October is World Egg Day? It’s a celebration of the nutritious power of the humble egg and those responsible for egg production. For generations across the globe, eggs have been feeding families. In fact, they are one of nature’s highest quality sources of protein.1

This year, World Egg Day will be held on October 12. You’ll find plenty of posts celebrating on social media using the #WorldEggDay hashtag. Join in—add your own on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

Here’s just five reasons why you too should be celebrating World Egg Day: five things you didn’t know about Canada’s egg industry.

How many eggs do you think Canadians eat?

Every year, Canadians produce and consume approximately 8 billion eggs.2 That’s right: billion. Canadians eat 3.5 eggs for every cup of Tim Horton’s coffee they consume.3

It shows you just how much Canadians love eggs—and just how much they are a staple of the Canadian diet! Whether over a light breakfast or cooked into their favourite desserts, Canadians depend on eggs for so many of the recipes they love.

Billions of eggs means billions of grams of protein

With 8 billion eggs being consumed across the country, Canadians are getting protein—and lots of it. 8 billion eggs means approximately 46.8 billion grams of protein. That’s a lot of energy—the fuel Canadians need to work out, work hard and play harder.

There are more egg-based recipes than you can imagine

You can keep it simple with classics like scrambled eggs, omelettes and frittatas. Or, jazz it up with a shakshuka, meringue or carbonara, all available at Whether you need ideas for a picnic, a BBQ, a dinner party or a quick snack, Get Cracking has everything you need. Why not try a farmer favourite recipe to celebrate World Egg Day? These Finnish oven pancakes are quite a unique treat!

The dream of family farms is alive and well in Canada

Here in Canada we have an agricultural policy called supply management. It’s a bit of “Canadian genius”, as agricultural expert Dr. Bruce Muirhead has described it. It allows Canadians to enjoy a consistent supply of fresh, affordable, locally produced eggs, while Canadian farmers enjoy a fair return for their work. The result? Our family farms support sustainable economies and vibrant rural communities—that’s something to be proud of this World Egg Day.

We’re experimenting with an egg barn that produces no net greenhouse gas emissions

Climate change is a problem that touches all our lives—and it’s up to all of us to find solutions. The Canadian egg industry is doing its part. One way we’re joining the fight is through a unique and bold experiment. In Alberta, at the Brant Hutterite Colony, industry partners are collaborating to create and operate a net zero egg barn: a barn that produces no net greenhouse gas emissions. You can read more about it here.

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