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Want to buy Canadian? Check out these four foods

Canadians are feeling patriotic this summer. It’s underlining the pride that goes in buying Canadian and supporting local communities. And it’s got Canadians paying close attention to their purchasing decisions and looking for Canadian-made options.

Worry not, fellow Canadians: we’re here to help. We want you to have the comfort of knowing you are supporting Canadian farmers when you choose Canadian. Here are four fantastic food products you can bet are made-in-Canada, by your fellow Canadians.

Dairy products

Canada Day Strawberry Shortcakes

Drink milk, love Canada—because milk in Canada is produced in Canada by Canadian farmers. That means Canadians can enjoy a reliable source of calcium, made by their next-door neighbours.1 Even better: milk is the cornerstone of a long list of products Canadians love, like butter, ice cream, yogurt, and more (if that sounds delicious, you’ll love the recipes our friends at the Dairy Farmers of Canada share).


Cobb Salad Panzanella

It’s a Canadian classic on dinner plates, and that’s a good thing when you consider it’s produced by Canadian farmers. In fact, you’ll even notice a Raised by a Canadian Farmer label on chicken at some of your local grocery stores!

Chicken is an excellent source of protein and can play a starring role in any meal.2 And chicken is produced right here at home, meaning a chicken dinner is a Canadian dinner. If you’re looking for recipes when cooking this all-Canadian food, our friends at Chicken Farmers of Canada can help!


Leftover Turkey, Sweet Potato and Scrambled Egg Wrap

Turkey isn’t just a Thanksgiving treat. It’s a great source of high quality, lean, and nutrient-rich protein—a prime choice for lunch, dinner, or even a snack.3 And when you buy Canadian turkey, you can rest easy knowing that it’s produced by Canadian farmers—a great way to support our country and fellow citizens. Some stores even sell turkey featuring a Canadian Raised Turkey™ label! Canadian Turkey is a great source for turkey recipes… check it out!

And of course, eggs!

Savoury Muffins with Spinach, Tomato and Feta Cheese

Regular readers will know how proud we are of the fact that Canadian eggs are made-in-Canada. Every time you enjoy a Canadian egg, you’re enjoying a product that helps support a Canadian farm family. And there aren’t too many foods that are as versatile as eggs, useful for cooking into every meal—not just breakfast! They’re a great source of iron, vitamins A, D, E and B12, folate, choline, and of course, protein.4

Dairy, chicken, turkey, and eggs have one thing in common: our system of supply management. It’s a brilliant, made-in-Canada policy that ensures farmers produce dairy, egg and poultry products at stable, affordable prices. At the core of supply management is the fact that these products are made here in Canada by Canadian farmers, for Canadians. So, if you want to support Canada by buying Canadian, the choice is clear: add Canadian eggs, dairy, chicken and turkey to your shopping cart!

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