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Eggs are part of what makes Canada great

Canada’s 150th birthday has us feeling proud to be Canadian. There’s so much to celebrate about this country and the people who make it great.

The list of things that make Canada great is too long to write. But we know eggs are on that list. Here’s just a few of the reasons why:

First, think of the power of eggs in everyday life. Eggs are packed with protein, vitamins and nutrients. Every egg contains 6 grams of protein.1 Every year, about 7.8 billion eggs are produced in Canada.2 That means eggs provide close to 46.8 billion grams of protein to Canadians every year—that’s a lot of energy!

Eggs offer much more than protein—it’s an affordable staple product in Canadian households. Think about it like this: a dozen eggs, one of the most high-quality proteins you can buy, costs less than the price of a latte. At a time when grocery bills across Canada are going up, the cost of eggs is going down.3 This energy-promoting, powerhouse food is an affordable option at your grocery store.

Taken together, these facts illustrate the role nutritious and affordable eggs can take in supporting food-secure households. Canadian egg farmers are committed to delivering the constant supply of fresh, local eggs that Canadians want and enjoy—a nutritious option families can depend on. And through partnerships with community food banks and school breakfast programs, Egg Farmers of Canada is committed to helping the humble egg reach more people—the people who most need accessible sources of protein.

There’s so much to love about eggs and the country we call home! It’s one of the reasons egg farmers are proud of what we do—and are especially proud to be building Canada while we farm.

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