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These are our readers’ favourite articles from 2017

In 2017, we’ve covered a lot of ground—eggs continue to be an important food for Canada as a delicious, versatile and nutritious way to enjoy the protein that Canadians need to make the most out of their days. The egg industry is a consistent contributor to the economy through supply management, and farmers are proud to give back to their communities.

Looking back on the year, we wanted to flash back to our five most popular posts here on Each one tells part of our story. And so, without further ado, we present to you our five most popular stories of 2017:

5: Meet the family farming since 1761

They are one of Canada’s oldest farming families. In 1761, they moved to Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley and settled on a land grant that they still farm to this day. Meet the Newcombes and read a short history of ten generations on a family farm that takes place through Canadian Confederation, two world wars and over 250 years of Canadian history.

4: One Canada, dozens of cultures, even more ways to cook with eggs

Canada sure had plenty to get excited about in 2017—after all, it was the country’s 150th anniversary. What better time to celebrate the many diverse cultures that make up this great country—along with the many delicious ways in which they all prepare eggs.

3: Why does NAFTA matter to Canada’s egg farmers?

This year, the uncertain future of NAFTA certainly made headlines after the United States pushed to renegotiate this trilateral trade agreement between Canada, Mexico and our neighbours to the south. The NAFTA renegotiation process could have an impact on Canadian egg farmers, so we’re watching it closely. It’s a good thing that there was such an interest in this post, as this conversation is complex and still evolving.

2: Before and after supply management: why the system works for everyone

The system of supply management delivers many benefits to consumers and farmers alike—and in the history of Canadian egg farming, there are two eras: before and after supply management. Before supply management, egg farmers were at the mercy of wholesale buyers and fluctuating prices; stability was never guaranteed. Today, supply management has greatly strengthened the industry—communities now have access to a constant supply of fresh, local eggs, and farmers can count on stability. And that’s always a good thing.

1: Cracking misconceptions: eggs, cholesterol and you

There are few longstanding misconceptions as widely believed as this: eggs = cholesterol. That perception was the result of outdated science along with a general misunderstanding about the type of cholesterol you actually find in eggs. Long story short, this misconception was successfully cracked—and you can find out more by clicking here.

Canada’s egg farming community is full of hard-working people who make our country great—we were so excited to tell their stories. Here’s looking forward to what 2018 will bring!