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Celebrity chef shines the spotlight on eggs this holiday season

“No chef loves eggs as much as I do,” says celebrity chef Lynn Crawford. That’s why she chose to team up with Egg Farmers of Canada this year to champion the humble egg.

Eggs, she says, are the unsung heroes of the table, a basic building block of cooking – from a bountiful holiday feast to the simplest of meals. She wants to shine a spotlight on eggs as both a food and an ingredient – and to remind Canadians that this holiday season, they should also be thankful for the egg farmers who produce them.

Lynn is an award-winning chef with over 25 years of culinary experience. Formerly the executive chef for the Four Seasons Hotel in both Toronto and New York, she is now the chef and owner of critically acclaimed Ruby Watchco in Toronto’s east end, and the newly opened The Hearth at Pearson International Airport in Toronto.

Lynn is a resident judge on Chopped Canada. In her new TV show, The Great Canadian Cookbook, a four-part series that aired in November, Lynn travels across Canada and into the homes of Canadians to cook with the food lovers and heroes we all need to know. She also stared in Pitchin’ In on Food Network Canada, which was nominated for Gemini Awards.

Her philosophy is that food should be produced locally and cooked with feeling.

“I want people to cook,” she says, “and I want people to cook with their heart, and enjoy what it is to cook a dish and share it with family.”

Cooking with eggs needn’t be complicated.

“People always say they don’t have time to cook,” says Lynn. “But eggs are a quick, delicious and satisfying medium for creating wonderful dishes.

“Eggs are the one ingredient found just about every household, and they are so versatile,” she adds.

“If you go and scan the recipes in your cookbooks at home, you will find so many with eggs. From the perfect omelette to a lovely dessert, they make so many recipes come alive. For example, I couldn’t do a perfect chicken piccata without eggs. Or a soufflé. Or chocolate cake.”

“Eggs are very forgiving. And they like to befriend other ingredients, both sweet and savoury.”

“There’s a certain simplicity to a lot of egg recipes. But it’s one of those ingredients you can’t do without.”

Eggs are a big player in holiday dishes. To that end, Lynn has designed three classic holiday recipes for Egg Farmers of Canada: Yorkshire Pudding, Rib Roast with Horseradish Salt Crust, and Cranberry Gingerbread Cheesecake.

She is also sharing some of her own memorable kitchen mishaps–proving that even a great chef sometimes struggles in the kitchen and has to deal with her own #ScrambledPlan.

Lynn invites Canadians to embrace the spirit of the holidays, and let go of the idea that everything has to be perfect.

It’s not about putting the perfect dish on the table, she says, but about spending time with family and friends. Memories can just as easily be made while the family prepares a meal as when they sit down together and enjoy one.

And speaking of family, Lynn wants to remind Canadians not to forget the egg farmers, many of whom produce eggs in family-run businesses.

“I’m the egg farmers’ biggest fan,” she says.

“I look at the farm families in Canada who work so hard to give us these wonderful products. For me, it’s all about honouring and celebrating those farmers who give us such incredible products to cook with.”

“And in the holiday season, we want to give thanks that there are fresh and high-quality eggs that will make our holiday celebrations unique and delicious.”