Year: 2014

Alberta egg farm wins 2 Canadian poultry sustainability awards

Congratulations to Levi Hofer and New York Colony, for winning the inaugural Canadian Poultry Sustainability Award for both the Table Egg industry and the overall poultry industry. Levi Hofer accepted the awards on the colony’s behalf at the Canadian Poultry Sustainability Symposium on October 29, at the Hanlon Convention Centre in Guelph, Ontario.  New York […]

Why trade matters to me

Why trade matters to egg farmers

Opening the door for the next generation of agricultural leaders

Making economics real for egg farmers

Mark Siemens: I feel like it’s something that’s just a part of me

Jonathan Gauvin: What I find fascinating is that things are always changing

Glen Coburn: It’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle

Eric Simpson: I just enjoy it all

Bret Sloboshan: It’s what I grew up with

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