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Consumers want homegrown food

Re: Cheese Lovers Get No Ottawa Love, John Ivison, Sept. 18.

John Ivison argues that abolishing supply management would be the best thing the federal government could do to “put consumers first.”

Consumers themselves don’ t agree. Two recent independent polls this year–one published in Canadian Business and the other in the Vancouver Sun–confirm what we farmers have known for a long time: Canadians want their government to protect the local family farmers who provide them with fresh, local, high quality food.

Our research echoes these findings. Canadians from all walks of life–from moms to municipal government leaders–have told us that supply management is a great system and ought to be maintained.

Mr. Ivison thinks that abolishing supply management will help consumers by lowering prices. But he’s wrong. He, of all people, should understand that supply management boards do not set retail prices – retailers do.

If Mr. Ivison wants to advise the government on helping consumers, he should listen to what they want, not what he tells them to want.

Published by the National Post.