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Supply management


Canadians enjoy eggs from local farmers that are among the best in the world for quality and freshness. This is made possible because of a uniquely Canadian system known as supply management.

The system of supply management is run by Canadian farmers. Farmers agree to sell their product under a consistent set of rules and receive a fair return for their effort. These farmers follow the highest standards for food safety and farming practices, ensuring that Canadians receive fresh, local, high-quality eggs year-round. This makes it possible for farmers to continuously reinvest in on-farm efficiencies, drive innovation and support local economies.

In this section, we invite you to learn more about the system of supply management, how it works, the importance of international trade, and most importantly, the benefits the system brings to Canadians and farmers.

Want to know more? Make sure to watch our video and download a copy of our Canadian egg industry fact sheet or egg supply management infographic.

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