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Elissa Zaks
Senior Public Relations Officer


Celebrating the faces of Canadian farmers at Downtown DinerEgg Farmers of Canada introduces its National Environmental Sustainability ToolEgg Farmers of Canada honoured as one of Ottawa’s Top Employers for ten years runningEgg Farmers of Canada doubles egg donations across the country in support of people and communities in need


De Dutch partners with Egg Farmers of Canada to bring Egg Quality Assurance™ certification to its restaurants throughout western CanadaEgg Farmers of Canada celebrates 25 years of World Egg Day#CanadianComfort campaign returnsNewly announced egg and poultry programs to support economic activity and growth in communities across CanadaEgg Farmers of Canada congratulates Tim Hortons on extending the Egg Quality Assurance™ certification program to restaurants across Canada with its freshly cracked eggs menuEgg Farmers of Canada recognized as one of Ottawa’s Top Employers for nine years straight