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Egg Farmers of Canada joins Breakfast Club of Canada to give children a healthy start

OTTAWA, February 4, 2014 – More Canadian children will have access to a balanced breakfast before school thanks to a new partnership between Egg Farmers of Canada and Breakfast Club of Canada.

In Canada, one out of seven children goes to school on an empty stomach.1 As part of its commitment to social responsibility, EFC has partnered with one of the country’s major nutritional programs, Breakfast Club of Canada, which provides thousands of breakfasts to children every day.

“As farmers, we take our responsibility toward our community very seriously. Through this partnership, more children across the country will have access to a healthy start,” said Peter Clarke, Chair of EFC. “Every child deserves a complete breakfast before attending school and we are very proud to be partnering with Breakfast Club of Canada for such a great cause.”

Last year, the Conference Board of Canada reported that 30% of Canadian elementary and 60% of secondary students go to school undernourished,2 a statistic Breakfast Club of Canada hope to see decline.

“We welcome Egg Farmers of Canada with open arms. We are proud to have Egg Farmers as a new member of our prestigious list of national partners, said Daniel Germain, President-founder of Breakfast Club of Canada. Your involvement and your support allow us to meet the everyday challenge of providing a full and nourishing meal to over 130,000 children. This is a priceless contribution because breakfast is the first bite to success!”

Egg Farmers of Canada sponsors and supports many causes that matter to their farmers and Canadians. This new partnership is rooted in their promise to promote healthy living in Canadian communities. Eggs are a natural, fresh food that provide high quality protein and 14 important nutrients such as vitamin B12, vitamin A, iron and folate and help keep children healthy and active.

About Breakfast Club of Canada

Breakfast Club of Canada is a non-profit organization that provides funding, equipment, food, training and services to school breakfast programs across Canada. We are dedicated to making sure that students start their day with a nutritious breakfast in a stimulating environment.

About Egg Farmers of Canada

Now in its fourth decade as one of Canada’s leading agriculture organizations, Egg Farmers of Canada manages the national egg supply and promotes egg consumption while representing the interests of regulated egg producers from coast to coast.

1 2013 Report Card on Child and Family poverty in Canada, “Canada’s Real Economic Action Plan Begins with Poverty Eradication”, Familly Service Toronto, 2013, 21 pages.
2 Jessica Edge, Alison Howard, “Enough for All: Household Food Security in Canada”, The Conference Board of Canada, August 2013, 57 pages.