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Egg Farmers of Canada and Food Banks Canada partner with Chef Lynn Crawford to thank volunteers this holiday season

Celebrate the holiday season with #RecipesThatGive

TORONTO, December 6, 2017 – The holidays are a time when the issue of hunger seems to hit home a little harder, and when an army of Food Bank volunteers continue to work, helping their neighbours. This season, Egg Farmers of Canada has decided to celebrate those generous people with a delicious and nutritious surprise breakfast hosted by none other than Chef Lynn Crawford.

“I have been a partner of Egg Farmers of Canada for many years now and I know how deeply Canadian egg farmers are rooted in their communities,” says Chef Lynn Crawford, National Chef Ambassador for Egg Farmers of Canada. “Preparing this meal to say thank you to food banks volunteers was a very humbling experience.”

Egg Farmers of Canada has been supporting Food Banks Canada for more than two decades, helping to deliver fresh, nutritious food items that help the issue of hunger in Canada.

“Every year, egg farmers donate more than a million eggs to community food banks,” says Roger Pelissero, Chairman of Egg Farmers of Canada. “We’re proud to partner with Food Banks Canada and Chef Lynn Crawford and are happy to celebrate the people who, by volunteering their time, contribute to the fabric of our communities.”

Along with its affiliates, Food Banks Canada assists over 860,000 Canadians who turn to food banks each month. Throughout the holiday season there is an increased demand for food banks services, creating a greater need for volunteers, support and donations.

“Sometimes an action as simple as making a cherished recipe or a meal can bring a lot of joy in someone’s life,” adds Tania Little, Director of Development and Partnerships at Food Banks Canada. “We’re very touched by the wonderful breakfast Egg Farmers of Canada and Chef Lynn Crawford prepared for our volunteers.”

In the spirit of the holiday season, Egg Farmers of Canada and Food Banks Canada is calling on all Canadians to set aside some time for friends and neighbours who need them. Bring joy to someone’s life by sharing a cherished recipe or a meal on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #RecipesThatGive, or by supporting your local food bank.

About Egg Farmers of Canada

Now in its fifth decade as one of Canada’s leading agriculture organizations, Egg Farmers of Canada manages the national egg supply and promotes egg consumption while representing the interests of regulated egg producers from coast to coast. Visit for more information.

About Food Banks Canada

Food Banks Canada is the only national charitable organization dedicated to helping Canadians living with hunger. We do this by supporting a network of 10 Provincial Associations and more than 500 food banks, sharing food and funds and delivering programs and services. While we are focused on helping food banks meet the need of food insecure Canadians today, we are also dedicated to finding ways to reduce and eliminate hunger tomorrow by influencing policy through research, awareness raising, and advocacy.

Watch as Chef Lynn Crawford surprises food bank volunteers with a delicious holiday breakfast to thank them for helping build stronger communities.