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Tim Lambert

About the author

For over 15 years, Tim has been CEO of Egg Farmers of Canada. Under his leadership, the Canadian egg industry has witnessed a period of unprecedented, consistent growth.

Building trust with the EQA® program

When Canadians see the EQA® mark on their egg cartons, they know the eggs have been produced by local farmers who are dedicated to producing a top-quality product.

Four highlights from our 2020 Annual Report

Five key takeaways from our 2019 Annual Report

EQA®: New mark, proven quality

Five need-to-know takeaways from our 2018 Annual Report

We support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Here’s how.

Green farming? Meet a farmer leading the way

Highlights from our 2017 Annual Report

Looking ahead to tomorrow’s agricultural advancements

Our success story: earning Canada’s trust everyday

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